Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Insane gauntlet comeback.


Xor’Xuul + Blood Echoes
The Gors almost used up my entire turn timer


My new sarlac deck getting hard countered by Chirpuka :rofl:.


The actual hell???


And you dead to thorn


The deck isn’t working perfectly… but the counter sure as hell is.



on this turn, i put Diretide on EMP and the Hate Engine went online
that was game


Just Vanarcanyst things:


:arrow_up: This match was a struggle. That guy was playing a crazy sabotage deck.
Abyssian minion summon sentinel, Rot9,
nether summoning, and demonic summoning made for a pretty tough match


I’m a simple man, I see SoTW, I like.


It’s funny because even though my intended win-con was polarity owl sage, I’ve been winning my games with SoTW


The card is crazy good, my love for it grows whenever I resolve it.


Evolve Sha-… Uh, i mean Promote Lyonar.
We Bond together!!
I’ve never been this happy playing swarm deck.


First game with the deck.

You’ve never seen the TRUE Azure Combo.


There you did it! A 1 mana Nosh-Rak, just like I always dreamed of :joy:


Unfortunately, not enough Provoke minions had died this game for the Amaranthine to be truly explosive. Brome takes good care of his soldiers. :confused:


I was one token away from completing the trial, but after a homeostatic rebuke I guess my destiny lied elsewhere.

For those that want to see the whole game


Grow is vaiable…


Please tell me you played that 1 mana Noshrak.


Apparently dust is a vital life force, or something like that.


All Strategos wins are eligible for this thread. Honestly, these boards are just so impressive.