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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


but faie aint going anywhere, and she is the bane of magmar and abyss, well, maybe less so abyss since AoS is rotating, but she still has a ton of aoe


Tbh yeah this deck is still annoying even without AoS, i rarely used AoS and Thunderhorn combo in this deck.


Hate Burn Faie and BurnHai? Then I have the just Card for you:


Yeah, let me quickly get that 1800 spirit(since there is no way in hell im getting 3)


That could stop Faie, yeah.
Sadly no for Songhai since they have OBS.
That’s why ppl hate Mantra and Burnhai deck, even if countered by magesworn.


And bamboozle. Can’t forget about bamboozle


For that reason, my friend, we run 3 copies of War Judicator as seen Below:

All credit goes to Baharoth for this awesome Screenshot.


great for lyonar, but how does abyss deal with this?


Lyonar is no question, they are the main enemy of Songhai. :grin:
Have alot of healing tools too.


Abyss? Abyss is screwed I guess :confused:

You could try Hyperswarm with Prophet of the White Palm, A timely Prophet can really wreck Mantra and 8g8s. Sadly, Prophet is Rotating out in a few days so… I guess Abyss is Scewed after all :confused:


Life of an Abyssian main


That card is so good I even run it in faie!


yeah, but you are speaking to the guy who has played for 8 seasons and doesnt have spelljammer


I’ve recently made a Healyonar list and it feels like every game could go in here. I just like don’t die (unless I can’t find any heal triggers and magmar keeps my board clear.)


The Vale Hunter was summoned turn 1. https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-L8baimyZ6qmg6xBdOsi

This was legitimately the best game I have ever played.


This is so olldddddd


Its not if you notice the gotatsu.


Thunderbomb into OBS into OBS would suck here.


That still wouldn’t get rid of the Magesworn :confused:



Insane gauntlet comeback.