Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Look at my Golem army!


Don,t want to be a *** but you threw this otherwise certain victory.
You had variax and he was on 1 card…all you had to do to win was fall back and let the wraithlings slowly grind him down.


but its no fun. what is the point of 26 attack grimwar if you dont smack face


I would love to make a Golem Lyonar deck! Do you have some advice regarding deckbuilding?


To me playing as good as possible and winning with honor is fun.Such flashy things are nice but not enough to me to play suboptimal for them.
I see your point of view


Promotion of my mostly selfmade Lyonar golem deck which i reched S with 10months ago (yes im quite proud of having achieved that during the vanarcanyst slasher meta)


More Gauntlet Memes!

Watch and enjoy. The Amanda Armada


better cascade to turn the oni into a hulk :snowchaser:


good eye sir! This is the last touch to the board that I needed.

I failed you.

The little guy reeeally deserved the promation. He helped me to stall to this situation


someone please calculate the chances…

Deck list:
[Replaced] (Deck Name)


Eyy, an eternal heart


Damn, I :heart: my Big Boyz … :slight_smile:


Most. Satisfying. Lethal. Ever.


It’s a two for one, both decks worked exactly as they were supposed to :cry:.

My ramp deck, in all of it’s memeness managed to get one of the best turns I have yet to experience playing it. It was beautiful, 2 different lethal opportunities both as satisfying as the other, but there was one condition; it had to survive but ONE turn.

Unfortunately for me, it was that ONE turn that his deck kicked in. And boy did it kick

Suffice to say, I lost this match


Satisfying comeback

I just realised when the enemy used betrayal, it didn’t destroy my artifact immediately after the first attack.
Is this a bug?


No, since they are meant to attack at the same time


featuring appropriately named control vaath player.

Grinch won that game tho lol


:joy: His silence said it all


Been a while since I’ve played Portal Guardian. Too long I say

Yes that was a t2 cata


Ice and Fire
Warbird vs Phoenix Fire.
Pretty damn close, if he got the combo i was dead.