Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


This is an easy, but mathy spot the Lethal. I really like Skyppy in Gauntlet.


Poor Vaath!


Just built this deck and it’s been loads of fun. Eventually ended up with the dream setup (especially if I draw into Shadowdancer). I think the only card that could beat this board is EMP or Aspect of the Mountains. Frostburn doesn’t even really deal with it.



I like how everyone’s been bullying Vaath on this thread lately :stuck_out_tongue:


One of favorite ways of winning is pulling a takumi on my opponents xD


How to make my enemy create a magmar nerf thread/leave the game
Im so sorry if you are here


How to force your op to make a magmar nerf thread 101:
Op is Kevin.
Play magmar.


Clash of the Titans


So…was it a draw?


Plot twist: enemy had 2 Earth Spheres.

Actually, it probably was a loss. One Drogon hit would’ve destroyed the Grimwar.


He played the Drogon that turn though.


Why is it active though? Wait, never mind; you’re right.


Why two earthspheres when one Eternal Heart would be more than enough :upside_down_face:


Infinite disappointment because the opponent Plasma Stormed before the second Sirocco.


No, the game crashed out of the overwhelming force of 2 Titan Fighters clashing all their might into eachother!

Ofc it was a draw


Cant heal past 25, I had 26 dmg


God, I’m so stupid… :expressionless:


Look at my Golem army!


Don,t want to be a *** but you threw this otherwise certain victory.
You had variax and he was on 1 card…all you had to do to win was fall back and let the wraithlings slowly grind him down.