Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


But would it still save you from the terrifying wrath of the Kinematic Thunderhorn? Your tiny Wraithlings would perish in despair!


Cass has no wraithlings. Your T-horn will be punished hard!


Thunderhorn should be the least of your worries! Your Chakram will shatter hopelessly in the face of the dreaded EMP!


Well, at this point I punish EMP concede…


…unless a lucky Betrayal appears? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, no cheating!


until this day, I never new people rped in duelyst.


Really? Then you should really take a look at this RP between Phayze and Oranos.


That was hilarious. Good stuff!


Yeah, it was awesome! :joy:


I better start writing that Cassyva X Kaleos doujin.


lol next lore contest inc. im voting for this


You do not know what a doujin is…


Shouldn’t you draw a doujin? Not write one?


maybe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Well it’s both.


Yes, this is a gauntlet deck. And Yes the opponent sadly gave up before I could cast it.

How did he know?


razorback carrying the team.


it ain’t a long game. It kind of is a perfect match, not exactly a perfect turn. I literally played a grand total of 3 cards this game.


Too bad, turn before I had a Void Talon on board, displayed as “0/10 turning into 6/1” but actually being a 18/13 :slight_smile:
Sad he has been nat select …