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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to





It’s funny how literally any Gate win ever could be a possible candidate to this thread


Well, most Abyssian wins actually. Sarlacs, Variax, huge Tigers and Revs though Observer and\or Phantasm, Abomination… Well, huge DFC’ed anything also counts!

Abyssians are made for this thread.


It was made by an abyssian main.


I realised that after posting, but I also don’t want people to forget about this thread.


If you watched the replaywhich i MAY share with you, i almost lost this game, due to Droplift.


ah, now it, makes sense, the vetruvian deck was working prerfectly!


Sajj stole my grimwar and i lucked out on dervish spawns. I’ll post the replay once i am home


Sirocco may be overrated, but it’s just beautiful when it works out. By the way, can you believe that I lost this match? CPG, I’ll be expecting a Desolater nerf.


Feel you dude :frowning: . You run healing minions?


Unfortunately, no. If only I had the wisdom…


I see nothing unfair there tho, he’s still at 18 health and 4 cards at 9 mana while you’re low on health and topdecking. Healing would indeed help out.


The game wasn’t particularly unfair or anything. I’m just passively salty. But my opponent only had so much hand and health because he had 2 Desolaters.


Betrayal :heart: Sirocco


No. Get that away from me.

Also Frostburn :heart: Sirocco.


the enemy’s bbs was on cooldown the turn before this :joy:


Seems like a pretty epic war between Golems and Mechs.


Here’s another fantastic match between Arcanysts and Golems.


I’d really like to participate in this with my frenzied Revenant