Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Please tell me.

I want to try this out.


pax via aspect of shimzar




But did you notice I had lethal?


Only when I learned what the 3 mana spell is.

also, can I have the list, looks nice.


There ya go. Still a work in progress, so I chop and change a bit. The win con isn’t really one megabuffed unit; it’s multiple bodies into razorback + crystalline on 7.


Quote of the year folks. Quote. Of. The. Year


![23 PM|690x428]

Bond Zir’An Panning out in diamond.

It works, only until it doesn’t. Don’t Judge


That was my first game with the deck:

Yeah, it’s awesome bloodborn spell.
And yeah, there’s another gate building at the bottom of the board.

I’d like to say, akira333 fought like a man to the very end. Somehow he managed to hold off my Furious wraithlings advance for about 10 turns. I really respect him. The guy has balls of steel. But the Gate he couldn’t handle.

You should see this replay, seriously.


Switched Cacophynos for Blood Tauras in my Big Boyz, works fine :slight_smile:




I think i have a kink for bullying Argeon when testing decks or something


That is the weirdest fetish I have ever heard of…


you must not get out much (or in this case, go out too much instead of spending time on the internet)


isnt it a real thing tho? we’ve all been there


Bump! I really don’t want this thread to die!


This is what we call memeing.


Dang, it worked so good that your macOS wants to upgrade itself to High Sierra because it thinks itself unworthy to run your deck with it’s outdated tech


But the thread won’t die? It was made before the system auto lock so…

Either that or one of the moderators gave it special permission or something


Is it possible at all?