Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


if you didnt reflect that wraithling i will be SO dissapointed in you


Didn’t notice that




I will make no mistake next time!


Petition to raise general HP cap.



Now i understand why this deck needs katara and juxta (plan b).
Embracing the moment before this deck get rotated.


It has been a long time since I last saw what Juggernaut is capable of.


Juggernaut is my favorite legendary because of how silly the board gets when he doesn’t die immediately


Dominate will?


It’s most likely mirage master, as it’s more viable.


Actually, I just used Superior mirage on Juggernaut. Of course the Juggernauts disappeared as soon as they got attacked but due to the way Mirages interact with “whenever this minion is damaged” abilities I got a ton of golem eggs which hatched into that marvelous army you see in the screenshot.


Nah, just reduce hand size and we all good :wink:


Juggernaut is soooo fun I almost auto include in any of my eggmar decks


Full disclosure: this didn’t actually happen because I moved the hearth-sister before replacing, but it’s what would have happened if I hadn’t misplayed.

Anyway, the deck was working exactly as it was supposed to, even if I wasn’t.




Try again.
15 char



I am so confused


Vanar staple…


No vanar staple generates a token from another faction.


Correct. And here I have two of them…