Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


That moment when Mechs get over 250.000+ Growth per turn…


Tried to reply to you after checking my deck.

I didn’t realise earlier. Apparently there are only 3 spells in the deck…
You stole ALL my spells :angry:!
It is not RNG when there is a 100% chance of getting a card :grin:.


Merry Frostfire, Lizard! :christmas_tree:

Good thing I asked Santa CPG for better draws this year :santa:


I know I’m not the only one who does this, but still, I will never get tired of this deck :blush:

Btw, this game was an epic struggle. My opponent happened to get one of my Shadowdancers from a Rot9M they dropped, RIGHT when I used one of my Blood Echoes. I was certain it would be my doom, but I managed to play defensively long enough to find the removal. :smiley:


If he had cadence…


Death by Snowball :slight_smile:


Lol’ed hard :rofl:

It’s something from an anime.

“Epic snowball of doom!”


(writes in the Death Note)

My opponent will die a brutal death by…

(Thinks to himself: Hmm ok it’s that time of the year, right)

…by a snowball.

(Oh boy, I’m a mastermind)


This will forever be one of the most fun matches of my life.


Surprise, surprise :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve been lucky and stole the faction artifact :wink:


Scroll bandit OP, pls nerf :smile:


Nah, he’s too RNG to be consistently good. Most of the times he just gives you extra cards to replace cause you’re never gonna use them only to see them again later in the game or worse, you play against Titan.

Its the same thing with Mind-cage Oni.


Ehm… I thought you played songhai… What is wrong with you!?


What? Bandit and Oni are still great most of the time, but they aren’t lavaslasher or mankator good


Boars POWERR!!

Thanks to @eurasianjay for the deck





When he doesn`t deny that mana tile



Filthy mech players…


Spent a couple of turn running around, waiting for these Kolossus to be fat enough so I can whip one back to his (soon not anymore) owner :slight_smile:


blue conjurer is pretty good!