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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


A few minutes later…

3 Lurking Fears, refilling hand with my 2 Nekomatas and some Echoes magic :sunglasses:


Looking back on this, BRM really did need to be 2 mana.


6+25+26 damage for 57 damage in total. I COULD WIN TWICE!


What did you do to that pandoo


Deathfire crescendo.


Eggs baby (I didn’t want to play Vaath Smash Finality and I had quest for Magmar today)!

Turn 4 lethal.

Replay for those interested (short): https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-KzoCUmF1_i2_8_dHWS5


Just realized that Thunderhorn blast will cause multiple chain damage on the same row enemy.
Sweet combo damage :smiley:

The cat-lovers Vetruvian happy thread

Does the same with Frenzy and can often OTK if you buff it’s attack, but it’s just so hard to pull off sometimes! Blast is easier :slight_smile:


Welp, now i have to put chakram and thunderhorn in my big abyss deck


Yeah I’ve been trying it for a while. Does it actually happen? No, no. Will I keep dreaming? You bet your ass


Lizard couldn’t reach, arms too smol.


Turn two. Yay for soulshatter pact!

25 damage exactly!


Never had a chance to plasma


not quite 25 damage in one hit :stuck_out_tongue: this combo is hilarious and also completely viable


Sad he couldn’t cast a 5 mana spell when a 3 one would have solved everyhting


How nice of you to censor their face, but not the username :stuck_out_tongue:


Oops. Just pretend it wasn’t not there!



Just played magesworn against ghost seraphim. Just what I needed before my finals


That scroll bandit only stole 3 cards.