Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Good burst but too bad you’re missing lethal by 2 :pensive:

Edit: Oops. Forgot wraithlings can attack LOL. Was focusing too much on Skorn.
Looks like I need a few more hundred games to not miscount :sob:


Wait, that’s 3 damage from wraithlings + 2 from scorn + 12 from deaths + 2 from general. 19 damage is 1 over lethal.

Equips the artifact and trade wraithlings. You would have 3+6 damage and 3 mana left. BBS and sacrifice one wraith to play a scorn, leaving you with 4+1 more damage and 1 mana. Then, sacrifice the scorn to play a second scorn, leaving 2+1 damage and spending all mana. Add 2 more damage from Lilith herself, and you have 1 over lethal

P.s. This should be a spot the lethal challenge :smile:


Arcanystmar :heart_eyes:


Sabotage Sajj at her absolute finest. For @phayze. :slight_smile:

And yes, that did feel DAMNED GOOD!


Ohhhhh, that’s dirtyyyyy, you mindwarper’d spiral?


Yep. And you could practically hear the “oh crap” over the Internet when I did it because it was the only card in his hand at the time. :smiley:




Well he should have been on his guard when on turn 1 I played an Alcuin Loremaster and then next turn PFed his face. (Which wasn’t a good play, I just wanted to do it. :slight_smile:


REVENGE! Feel the burn!


You fought the meta with meta without succumbing to the temptation of meta. You are a hero against meta.


@Qeltar Had to :stuck_out_tongue:


its funny because sajj is totally not-meta jajajaja


Didn’t you read my post? Sabosajj is the High Queen of fighting meta with meta without going meta in the meta to end the meta.


its a meta, inside a meta, inside a meta …


Hence the meme :wink:


Lilithe swarming Lilithe :slight_smile:


A Shadowdancer Skorn combo would suck :slight_smile:


5 Mandrakes in 1 turn :slight_smile:


mini-necro! also, whole deck was built literally for this moment.


Winter’s Wake S2