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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Thanks, I think I was trying too hard to see spiral technique and didn’t look at the mask damage.


May the fatigue games begin xD took me 40 mins atleast i won the game xD

and that what happens when you got no dispel vs deso and heal zi’ran and deso face :wink:


First game after being away for a few days. Feels like I never left.


On the other hand, Mantra and meta didn’t change that much while you were away :wink:


step aside lilithe, there is a new swarm in town!


The gate leads to a spooky, spooky place :grinning:



Rangnard B-B-B-Blastin’ with Morin-Khur after a nice Progenitor. Replay is a fun watch.


25 damage for 6 mana, not bad.


24 dmg brah.

Nice meme btw.


Nope, 25, Pureblade Enforcer gets a +1/+1 when Betrayal is cast.


(Gets triggered)
Well played sir, well played.


(I replaced Eclipse into Recombombulus.)

I feel Black Locust may FINALLY have a chance at being okay to play with Assassination protocol and Inner Focus both, as it’s now at least possible to get a few of them to survive, maybe.

Fun deck to play in any case :smiley:

Replay here if you like:


But using 2 cards and 5 mana to get 2 2/2 flying minions. Feels so bad… even with onyx jaguar. With tiger nerfed there is less removal though. Probably still enough.


Yes but next turn you get 4 2/2 for a total of 8/8 worth of stats with just 4 (5) mana. And if you play onyx jaguar then you get an extra +2/+2. Theoretically…





:sob: :broken_heart:


But it isn’t 8/8 it is 4 2/2 and 2 of them can’t do anything because they are exhausted. If Onyx sticks of course you win :smiley:


Dont crush my dreams even further. …


2 extra 2/2 for 0 mana you mean.
Turn after, 4 extra, etc.


Infinite value! Black locust OP!