Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


That’s what i call fun and interactive


The perfect embla

awww yis

Who needs Seraphim anyways?



Turns out the best way to win is to not let your oppenent do ANYTHING

Its time to stop shidai! for the rest of the replay.


Cried with bloody tears.

I want to unsee it.


Don’t play around mes they say.

she traded with the hearth sister and Cast malice. Left lethal on board :cry: poor Maehv.

Edit: the replay


Jug’ P2T2 after Flash “rework”, rare but achievable :slight_smile:


Those poor eggs are SO dead and that phantasm is getting V A L U E


I honestly expected you would say something like “just use Grasp of agony and Punish”.


Hell yeah


Did you win?You had the power to bring her down to 5 but she has deso and fom my experience maehv uses tons of healing.


When I posted this on discord I said “and still I think I’m gonna lose this game”, cause yeah, Deso is scary
I was able to win some turns later, but may the truth be told: I could have lost


i dont run grasp of agony nearly as much as i should. (whenever i do they play around it like they know its in my hand

either way SOMETHING in his hand is getting +8 attack


1 off lethal feelsbadman :stuck_out_tongue:

No seriously, that must feel nice when the stars finally align :slight_smile:


This is what happens when Twin Fang stays on :sunglasses:.
Took a while to find that Tracer.


This brings a beautiful tear to my eye. The best part is the fact you have enough mana to Drogon+BBS after the Tracer. It’s poetry in motion.


Four Wind Magi Mirage !


this is 25 damage exactly

Shidai Victims Anonymous(Silver scrub needs help)(I'm gold Now but I still Die to She-Die)


Captain dank heart is a complete sentence


Does the 8 gates spell affect the bloodrage mask as well? Otherwise I can’t figure out how you got 25 damage in that one turn since you couldn’t have played spiral technique.


Equip 3rd mask 6 mana left
Cast Mana Vortex(3 damage) + 8Gates(3 damage), cast Phoenix Fire(3+2from gates+3 via masks, 8damage) 4 mana left, cast Rok, get boulder hurl, cast boulder(1+2+3 via masks) 1 mana left, cast BBS (3 damage), walk forward general punch for 25 damage in total.