Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


i later one this game by top decking a desolator from spheres when they where at 3, the turn before they had a kraigon i lured it and punched it with a juggernaut :smiley:


A bastion deck I tried to make work. I thought the concept of P2T1 Bastion, as well as the general Bastion & Furiosa BBS combo making 2 2/3’s would be interesting to test out.

Very memeish right now, but got this out of it :slight_smile:

@deathsadvocate If you wanna see if you can run with this concept, have at it :slight_smile:


That takes me back, its a silly deck I made before bloodborn came out that I named Flood Protection, I never gave it much stock so it never got updated:


To update I would probably trade zyx/bloodtear for furosa/crypto, desolator over sister, and sphere over rite. Be a good place to start, fairly preoccupied with with the new generals at the moment but I can add it to my list of things to update.


Infinite sarlacs. Still working in Diamond :slight_smile:

16 Sarlacs here.


He did not flash out decimus into another decimus into spikes?Thats what would have happened if i had such an army


He did decispikes previous turn, that’s why I’m at 13hp.

And also it’s 9 mana play.


I meaned double flash with that…i guess i didnt make it clear enough


Some bastion Vanar style in low diamond. That game was all over the place.


Mech reva :1st_place_medal:


Phantasm is still good :slight_smile:


It’s good to see bastion coming back a little bit. I’ve tried it in my arrowhai deck never changed it since.


This game my opponent asked me to post this here. I had everything Abyssian may dream of: good swarm with Grimwar in hand+ lots of creep with obliterate in hand:

Deck is slightly modified @deathsadvocate’s Creep City, if anyone is interested. It may be found here: DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Unearthed Prophecy

The other game is spellproc Arcanyst Shidai.

Beginning of a turn:

End of a turn:

Opponent concedes. GG.


The future is now.


You’ve posted this on 3 threads and it still doesn’t get old


The future is now (again).


I beg to differ


Me too, most definitely.


i now realise why mogwai likes this deck

they legit friended me after the game to complain zzz.


I’m not sure which one is worse. Mech faie or flawless faie. There are only two acceptble vanar archetypes and they are Vespyr and Infiltrate. Everything else is Ragnora I mean cancer


when you low role all game and finaly hit a good one :smiley: