Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


It involved a Dark Seed, but yes the particular hand was rather unfortunate.

I’ll continue playing this skillful pile in protest and insome vain hope they take relook at Abjudicator, who if we’re honest isn’t the first time it breaks a list.


abyssian is hands down the best faction. also, find lethal.


What’s there to find, play desolator 3 times and win


for those who havent realised from the other comment summon Desolator > dfs Desolator > summon Desolator > bbs Desolator > summon Desolator again.


Ah! The old “Songhai lethal puzzle” (now in Abyssian!):

Point all direct damage at face and Argeon smiley emote. :argeonha:


i actually did that.


Most important question:how did you get the caligrapher?Grimes=blue conjurer=caligrapher?


You can actually cut out the middleman, and get Caligrapher directly from Grimes. :wink:


The caligrapher is in hand


you could just play blue conjurer :stuck_out_tongue:


Grimes—> blue c. -----> caligrapher


Spellhai…previous abjudicator+6mana+manatile+ 6 cards=25damage OTK to a 25 health Spellhaireva(tasting her own medicine)

Festival of the Songhai Trinity - Trails of Mythron Card Set Review

The Mantra mirror is so weird haha. I was spectating him that game, was like, well this isn’t going to go well.


Saving up for a 3rd Moloki Huntress really paid off :smiley:


Never concede part 2
i almost gave up tho, haha.


I might’ve already shown you guys this, but have I mentioned how much I love my roulette deck…

If the pictures don’t tell the story well enough, Grimes was kind enough to gift me a Ghost Bae, then outdid himself and sent me a Calligrapher as a parting gift… which then sent me a Spiral Technique (a now zero mana Spiral Technique) which I used in conjunction with Nether Summoning (to bring Calligrapher back with rush) to KO this slimy lizard.


All skill literally zero luck involved


Regular Healyonar is boring! So i decided to play aggro Healyonar!

The sheer thought of punching over a Mechaz0r! can make me like any deck instantly!
(i have a arclyte regalia equipped btw)

sadly they conceded;;


It’s me again

Here’s the full replay if you’re curious. Played a 22 attk rev earlier in the game as well.


when you look away for one second.


1 off lethal. replace into sphere for win

unless of course the makantor it a 6/4