Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Rasha + Bone Swarm
(cause Rasha + BoA won’t work)


it does: Now the blood Tara above vaath, then rasha to the left of vaath, then swing with the left dervish.

Edit: thought he was at 7 :stuck_out_tongue:


Somehow i entirely missed that hes at 6 mana_:_


Planar Scout + Sihouette Tracer into double Bloodtear Alchemist. Easy mode. :wink:


Thats seven mana


Won’t Sajj start with 7? It looks like Vaath is on 6.

Either way, I guess Rasha’s Curse + Silhouette Tracer is cleaner.


It also wouldn’t work anyway cause it would have to be triple blood tear.


I haven’t played with Eternal Heart enough to know if the hit that breaks Eternal Heart can also kill the general, or if you have to break the artifact before delivering the final blow.

I thought the 2 Bloodtears would remove 2 charges and then Sajj could blast Vaath, killing the artifact and the general at once.


I can confirm that you have to remove all the charges of eternal heart before delivering the finishing blow, Sajj pulled it from Grincher and tried to survive Cassyva’s onslaught with it. She should have known double tiger and void pulse was coming.


Good old simcity, I should play this deck more :smiley:


Couple new ones for you guys, my new favorite, using ‘Evolutionary Apex’ to it’s fullest. XD

And also a nice two shot kill with my new Abyssian Arcanyst deck.


That makes my apexs look like childs play.


When Silithar Elder is not enough.

Infinite Sarlac decks rock)


One of the few times I’ve been able to swing this lately. I got sloppy with the Wraithlings or there would’ve been a lot more.


I wanted to innovate the format, not throw a hand grenade into it DansGame. :disappointed_relieved:


What are you doing! Hide this from @deathsadvocate or Songhai will be no more!

Just kidding, that hand looks like it was satisfying to play, but idk how you were able to maintain board and still have 6 cards in your hand, that’s pretty skillful regardless of how interactive it is with the board and the opponent.


Looks less skill and more super lucky god hand.
"Deck working exactly how they’re supposed to."
Look at the mana count and deck size. Played 3 cards in 3 turns then goes 4th turn lethal.

You can guess what Reva played.
Cresent Spear, Abjudicator and Rokadoptera.
One of the Pheonix Fire drawn after playing Abjudicator.
Only one Cresent charge gone but took 9 damage. Too much damage to be one hit so must be on 3rd turn.
Therefore was 1st turn nothing, 2nd turn minion, 3rd turn Cresent + other minion.

Having more difficulties guessing Cass though.
Moved forward twice and once diagonally.
2 creep tiles. Must be 2 spheres.
30/40 deck = 10 cards drawn. 5 start + 3 turns + 2 spheres = 10.
Mana tile is gone. Some minion summoned by on it that got traded later. Couldn’t be Reva since too far to walk back within 3 turns. Cass also couldn’t stand on tile to get to position.
6 attack. Double Spectral Blade. (Could be Spectral Blade + Azalea though a tad cost inefficient.)
4/6 hand size. 5 start + 3 turns = 8. So minus 4 cards ignoring cantrip spheres.
2 Spectral Blades, 1 minion on tile, Cass must have played 1 more card.
Somehow inflicted 9 damage on Reva. Since Reva equipped Cresent 3rd turn, Cass damaged Reva once on the 3rd turn. That once couldn’t be a Cass attack since full health.

That is as much as I can figure out.
Somehow inflicted 9 damage on Reva, cleared the board, stayed at full health and equipped with healing artifacts. Then dies. Cass poor skill :stuck_out_tongue:.

Anyway quite fun analyzing the board and trying to guess what happened :smiley:.
Should really go to sleep now :sleepy: zzz…


What is that 0 cost spell in your hand?


Yes it is


I can never get off the combo… but i get turn 2 mechaz0r! instead :slight_smile: