Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Yea image got cut off for some reason, trust me, she esploded :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Full detailed boring story here :slight_smile:

Replay here :


"I see your titan.

And I’ll raise you, a Titan!"

Dealt with his, then summoned mine. Felt good :slight_smile:

Since the new feature is there anyway replay if people want:

Also, @nwardezir, you might want to include yours too, your full explanation is nice, but maybe people will be interested :slight_smile:


Edited the dedicated “full story” message. Keeping this current thread fast, fun and easy to read :slight_smile:


Because a single blue line ruins it. Aha. Okay.


Edited and fixed.
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Thanks, cool.

Didn’t mean to sound offensive, was meant to be comical.



If i were you my opponent certainly would have rashas curse and blood of air in hand…


Bone Swarm :wink:  


He has eternal heart


Rasha removes artifact.


Thats why i said rashas+BOA
Boneswarm wouldnt kill


Then any removal + 3 bloodtear alchemists)


That still doesn’t work. You need Rasha’s + out of hand damage or Rasha’s + removal.


Are you sure that the ping that destroys the artifact can also kill?


Hm…not sure. Shouldn’t it?


No, it doesn’t. You’d need quad ping.


Droplift + Circle of Desiccation for maximum style points


they are at seven mana tho