Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Sometimes it works. At least, I defeated phantasm decks with Swarm Lilithe more than once.

EDIT. In gold.


2 replace from start + 1 replace each turn … if by turn 6ish you haven’t a solution to deal with Phantasm … I let you do the math.

(let’s continue by PM if you want, I don’t want to make this thread -my favorite of all, I admit- turn into a boring nosepicking meaningless debate, let’s keep it funny, fast to read and entertaining)


Piggy is OP .
idk why he keep attacking me and ignore my Wild Tahr.


Not mine but pure joy :wink:

This thread's title has finally been decided on

And still playing around warbird, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


obviously. you wouldnt want to waste your bloodtear on poor placement. i mean its just so important.


You gotta make sure you do everything right. Can’t let them run away and play blue conjurer, and then play calligrapher, and then get two ghost lightnings, and then play enfeeble with the lightnings, you don’t wanna get punished that hard. :^)


eh, you could get more done with a chromatic cold, 2 mesmerizes and 2 glacial fissures


yeah, thats right
withdraw that post

as if i actually knew what it said


Oh yeah baby, I love it when you have no comprehension on the noises I converted into an idea onto an intangible medium upon which we of what is considered real can somehow distinguish and define as comprehensible, a factor which wasn’t accessible to you nor many others as a direct result of my deleting it


When opponent try to keep Hamon, to get extra 2 damage to my General.
But when i replaced a card, suddenly get 1 more Killing edge. :star_struck:
Never concede even you have 1 health left.


Classic aggro vs control


Obelysk, Obelysk everywhere !


Figured it’s funny enough to repost over here. I’ve always wanted to play Vanar, it’s why I put Mind Cage and Bandit into my decks.



Reva is truly the greatest cosplayer of the bloodborns… Err I mean bloodbounds!


Slow creep deck with 9moons and mindlathe for fun. Not sure if this counts, but kraigon was exactly what I wanted from 9moons


Two titans and one mechazor. check that


run starhorn run
only double flash decispikes can save you now

oh wait, EMP can save you


When passing two turns in a row simply to go up on cards is the correct play.



I really hope you abby’d.