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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


One turn later…



the fact that that combo isn’t as strong as I thought it was is amazing, turns out that a 2 card combo at 7 is worse than 1 card at 8


I suppose I just find that Flawless Reflection is more flexible in its applications. I’m also biased as I am a well known combo card lover. Not to mention that I’ve pulled this off for the last five games.


Not only is Wall Faie a direct upgrade of Arcanyst Faie, it is apparently more efficient at generating creep tiles than Creep Cassyva. Go figure.


How did you do that?

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out.


I’m guessing flawless Klaxion?


Or faie is just a Cassyva cosplayer in her free time.


Double attack with Excelsious :grinning:


I must say this deck is performing rather well. It’s fun too.

It uses new cards in a fun combination I’ve not yet seen played.

Perfect lethal here (well, the way I did it for style, you could deal unnecessary general damage):


Loving this thread, I’ve got a couple good ones to post :slight_smile:


It’s not nice to play with your food.

It’s fricken hilarious, though. Keep up the good work


You, sir, have very great taste in deck choices.


Aww yiss.


When your Vetruvian opponent goes “Fuck it, I’ll swarm it anyway and outdamage !”

Interactivity, and its place in the meta

When your Vetruvian opponent goes “Fuck it, I’ll swarm it anyway and outdamage !” again.
(not the same player, but same behavior)

Come on, Rasha’s Curse isn’t a bad card …

Interactivity, and its place in the meta

you also don’t draw rasha’s every game, 3x is only 50% turn 1 :frowning:


Yeah, and you specially don’t draw it if you don’t have any in your deck, that’s 0% turn 1.
Considering how rampant is Phantasm, I have 3x in almost every of my Vet decks :slight_smile:

Both players from the 2 previous post clearly didn’t care as they both played Pax and Obelysk (or 2xObelysk) after T1 Phantasm, it’s a choice to try to race and swam … © “Sounds good, didn’t work.” ™


running 3x in every vet deck is a good choice, but even when you do, you aren’t garunteed the draw and phantasm ruins you :frowning:


Yeah … I understand … but ffs, read my previous post, THEY-ARE-NOT-RUNNING-ANY.

You can turn it all you want, running 3x will always be better than running none. Which, again, was the purpose of my initial comment.

And Phantasm ruins you if you go “all in” on swarm. There are guys that also plays Ankh, or Tiger, or simply refrain from going full swarm until they have a viable solution.


how do you know their deck? not sure what I’m missing here :stuck_out_tongue: