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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Moebius is meme.


Everything was going swimmingly until…


Ion OTK abyssian. Just before I died to DOOM too.


Watch out, there is some sort of hole here, in the middle, maybe you want to spread a little more … :hole: :hole: :hole: :hole: :hole: :grin:

(it’s a goofy and inefficient deck, because Wallnar is boring as shit)


Did you know that reva is secretly a zir’an cosplayer, here is some proof:


vaath’s squad is back, this time picking on kaleos!

well paint decided to say hi in the image :stuck_out_tongue:


When you know Flying Vetruvian work well on turn 1 :smiley:


I have exactly 1 question for you, why oserix over nosh rak?


It’s obvious, Oserix best husbando.


@overcharge Haha, I actually prefer Nosh-Rak over Oserix/Anubis.
The reason is his cost and ability. I can summon him earlier with this setup, his attack & body is really good, and if he die, I get Wildfire Ankh & Spinecleaver for free! (really nice surprise for unsuspecting opponent :stuck_out_tongue: )


fair enough, I have been liking nosh rak as he ends the game immediately most of the time.


Well that was fun

quite surprised that blood rage was enough there


Arc abyss is fun when it works (which is not often!)


btw pls help me with making this deck work, its so inconsistent;-;


here is a tip, don’t play arcanysts, we had enough of that last expansion :stuck_out_tongue:


I missed out on em last expac so I’m gonna aplay them while they are not cancer!


non-terminal cancer is still cancer, even if its in remission


Where is sister death knell :no_mouth:


7 draw cards with that curve, I don’t think that’d be neccesary, maybe reduce one or two. Besides, looks like it’s a deck that easily suffers on missing t1p1-desu.

Yes I desu’d in order to expand influence.


I added spell jammer cause I was bricking too often.

You need to draw the right combination of minions and spells

Aethermaster I guess