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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Sometimes it feels good to be on the dark side!


Holy sh**.


Some people just like to watch the world burn, but I revel in it.


How many heads does Reva even have??


Millions… Millions after October


That reminds me of someone


Well at first falling into dark side sounds like a hell for any sane person. Like stepping away from the place called Heaven.

However it’s not really that bad-- it’s just where people get edgy and do sick stuffs like out of hand burst lethal.


Phayze, you’re the one that balances and I’m the one that causes chaos, are we switching roles now?


Hey, balance requires a light side and a DARK one


its a repost from my thread, must evict him xD


Don’t think i’ll live if i didn’t replace into greater fortitude there, i feel this is more impressive than my success against swarm lilithe a couple days ago.


That’s disgusting.


Arcanyst Lyonar working as intented. Note the turn.


no OTK on turn 3 SMH. >.<


How has this happened? I guess you divine bonded manaforger but still pretty impressive on 5 mana. Mind sharing the deck?


Meme shock, never forgetti.


Lots of Aegis barriers. Just a lucky starting hand.

It was actually the first game with the deck, so I’m currently tweaking it. If you want it - here it is.



Seems to be bad, actually. 50% wins in gold curretly.


Thanks I like unusual decks, lot of meme potential with bond and arcanysts :smiley: Also welcome back :+1:


I’d be glad if you PM’ed me in case you make a decent deck out of this one.

And thx.


Wouldn’t just general owl punch be Better?