Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


So, I’m wondering what’s up with Wallnar? Was playing a slower Zirix build earlier and ran into the matchup multiple times, just seems like a bad matchup, but I’m wondering why the deck is so popular on the low ladder? Are people just not expecting to find Zi’Rans and Cassyvas that low? Or are they preying on the non-Obelysk Vet builds? Are there other matchups that it sufficiently hoses?


it was just put up as the best deck on bagoum, so that might have something to do with it


a few turns after an evolutionary apex (i won obs)

that is disgusting


Every game ends with vaath’s squad with walletmar (this is a different variant to the post above this one, it has keeper of the value and other things.)


best… evolutionary apex… ever.


Why editing the opponent’s name on the 2 previous but not on the one before ?


i forgot


Is there a better turn 1 play in the game than this sillyness?


Triple pre-nerf flash Juggernaut?


Turn 1 mechaz0r!?


I’m pretty sure that’s not possible.


It is, I have done it before, check old meme thread.


There is also an rng fiesta version.



Checking the meme thread is too much work.


he uses kujata and dance of memes


And rng fiesta is: p1 plays entropic gaze/flash into blazehound(p2 draws flash reincarnation) p2 starting hand is 3x helm 2x wings, and you can easily guess what happens.


:slight_smile: :hocho:


Girlfirend doing amateur adult movies with several participants.

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For once, happy I’m single


Did you win next turn? XD