Decks working exactly how they're supposed to




What would intelligible giggling sound like? :thinking:


Danny Kaye



They both sound like giggling.

It’s just that intelligible giggling only lets you go, “I understand why are you giggling, fine sir,” and unintelligible giggling also lets you go “I feel yoo, mon.” Philosophy 102.


Guess I should be intelligibly giggling right now.


It makes sense for you to, but you won’t, in all likelihood. Intelligible giggling is actually very difficult to do. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, there is almost always at least one hyper-empathetic Home sapiens sapiens who goes, “I feel yoo, mon.” =S


:smile: I feel yoo, mon.


I for one was more impressed by the Twilight Fox in your hand. Possibly one of my favorite cards :slight_smile:


You use ms paint :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, thanks. Better late than never I suppose. :smiley:


Yeah it’s great, a very cool card, especially in decks like that.


After looking closely… I… Found… That, that… Is… Intact… Disgusting…


classic predicament for them, shouldve seen it coming hard.


My most satisfying win in a long time!

This really felt soooo good, especially after I misremembered reading that Thunderhorn wouldn’t proc on Lavaslasher due to ‘fight’ being different (I guess I read the exact opposite), and thus made a huge misplay earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny detail: the opponent was emoting question marks right before the end :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: also lethal puzzle difficulty 4/10


natural select the wall so dervish can move bellow your general, attac wall upfront of vaath with dervish, natural select another wall, blood rage lavalasher, face


Edited the post so it maxsimizes damage.


The iron dervish dies from the 2 damage caused by the wall’s destruction-desu.


Than no move


If you NS the wall below the general the wall should kill the dervish though .

Blood Rage method

  1. Dervish kill one of bottom walls. (+3 Rage)
  2. NS middle wall and the one above (+2 +2 Rage)
  3. Punch with Vaath. 3 dmg (+2 Rage)
  4. Blood Rage on Lavaslasher and attack. 6 dmg + 9 total Rage dmg.
    Total damage = 3 + 6 + 9 = 18 damage.

Twin Fang method

  1. Equip Twin Fang
  2. Dervish attack bottom middle wall (+2 +2 Fang) (-1 charge)
  3. NS middle wall (+2 +2 Fang) (-1 Charge)
  4. Lavaslasher attack. 6 dmg (+2 Fang)
  5. NS top right wall (+2 Fang)
  6. BBS
  7. Attack with Vaath. 3 + 1(BBS) + 12 Fang damage = 16 dmg.
    Total damage = 6 + 16 = 22 damage

That is a lot of calculations for a difficulty 4 puzzle.
Doing all that under the time of one turn would be incredible.


Aww thanks, from a human calculator, that means a lot :slight_smile:

Nice to see Twin Fang would also have worked, I used Blood Rage, set myself on 1 hp and put Lavaslasher exactly on 15 attack.

I gave it difficulty 4 since there’s absolutely no red herring or so, it’s straightforward.