Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


:sob: I thought it would bring funny laughs, not people getting disgusted :frowning:


Bull Rush mixed with Flying Pigs !
(own modified version)

"Bullrush" Faie Deck Tech [S-Rank] | Analysis & Review
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Made me laugh maniacally


I agree


Poor guy. My Rot9M pulled a Zendo.


That is the exact reason I didn’t play Zendo in my Control Hai version.


That is disgusting.


You sure like that phrase.


I suppose that means he talks to you often. :^)


Well we did lab one time…


The Windslice god’s 4-mana turn is a case of my opponent’s deck working exactly how it’s supposed to…all the way down to running out of steam and losing the game in the end the way it’s supposed to. =S


So it begins.


That is disgusting.




*Unintelligible giggling


that is… FANTASTIC!


Golem+Cadence = King
Juggernaut = Ace

This is blackjack.


This could have been an OTK if she didn’t hit a Phantasm.


Inb4 you cadence before you attack


Well, I don’t know if they are supposed to work like this, but Sinister Silhouette + Superior Mirage can cause funny locked up situation here :smiley:
Too bad my opponent have blast unit :frowning: