Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


I’ll just leave this here…


It makes me feel like it’s the new Vanarcanyst cancer trend :smiley:


Well, I wonder how many turn that Phantasm stayed on board :slight_smile: I guess players are underestimating how powerful its effect is


he already removed one. turns out it’s hard to efficiently answer multiple phantasms. If you spend your removal on them, thunderhorns and revenants wreck you. if you let them stay, revenants and tigers wreck you


Maybe Phantasm is too strong, time will tell.

But in this specific case, you got 10 buffs on the same minion, which means that your opponent triggered the effect at least 10 times. I think this means he played incorrectly.

I like how Phantasm indirectly counters swarm strategies


A Party Elf never shows up at the Party alone!


Almost-solo Xaan deck, kinda fun :smiley: (I was enchanted with the 2 backstab card)

I called it ‘Shadow Assassin’.


I wanna try this sooo bad when I get home.
Just make a deck and call it “The Blades Shadow”


Cool, well, if you’re interested in what I use (it’s not really tested well, the 2 one-offs are for experimentation, trying out):


Again, have I mentioned how much I enjoy Scroll Bandit?


So, does a stolen Autarch gift give you Vet or Songhai artifacts?


The card itself says random Vetruvian artifacts.


It felt good answering an Embla with a Frostburn :slight_smile:


I’ve been wanting to build this deck but don’t have enough masks of shadows to make it work (and don’t want to drop 1800 spirit on something that’s legit bad). Instead I’ve been running onyx jaguar with more limited backstab stuff. I’m loving Mind-Cage Oni.

When I theorycrafted this, I though Zendo and maybe Syvrel would be good in it – have you tried them?


I have another deck centered around Onyx and Flamewreath, this was just a quick throw-together for fun.

Zendo is better with just heavy minions I feel, as you would need excellent positioning for the enemy to walk into your behind to get backstabbed by you, and even then you do take some damage, and for 6 mana when in that position I’d rather use the other stuff in the deck to deal that damage right away without getting an artifact charge reduction.

Syvrel cannot pull the general so I prefer Twilight Fox.


So like I said somewhere I would make a replace deck with Theobule if I drew another, and it just so happened I drew one today.

Game was basically over by this point. I mean, I did replace a few more cards the turn after, but yeah, Grove Lion couldn’t save him.

Didn’t even draw a Theobule :thinking:


He ran far far away, but not quite far enough.


How’d the enemy get a friendly Magma?


The answer is right there.


Khymera popped one out after stumbling on a rock