Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


I can’t tell either, looks like it could’ve gone either way


I dunno, skorn could do wonders, especially if he stole a flash with mindwarper or something


I hope you noticed the italics on very :stuck_out_tongue:


Italicized sarcasm? What sorcery is this?!


It’s definitely not necromancy


Implying people indicate sarcasm with things other than /s

do people actually still do /s ?


Sometime, stars align … and sometime it’s eggs.
(yes, it’s a Chrysalis Burst)


I’m not actually running a replace deck, but i think this is worth sharing here.

At this point, i had thought of how beautiful it would be if i got wailing overdrive when i replace.

and i did.


But you had lethal even without wailing overdrive: equip snowpiercer replace frostvia and double frostfire on wings of paradise. 16 damage.


This counts right?


Honestly, i didn’t see that one… But the feel from drawing what you want when replacing is priceless


Back to the basics with a slightly modified version from the early days Zirixz0r, still work smoothly (at least mid-diamond) :slight_smile:



Since you are posting it here, i guesss they didnt use tempest


Nope, but they did manage to get a Sunriser out (Their third one that game). And managed to clear a good chunk of the board.


I’ll just leave this here.
<//Sometimes getting hit by stars’ fury can be good… //>


I like Oblivion Sickle, and Wasteland Wraith totally utterly wrecked any opposition.


Aaaah Eternal Heart…! <3

Eternal heart, anyone found a home for this card?

Those guys has been standing there since the 4 mana turn…


Was going to press print screen and he plays night watcher …