Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


how did you guess? :innocent:


You could have been Nightwatcher-ed to death :stuck_out_tongue:
… but it’s rarely played by Abyssian, hurts their SpecRevs.


Could’ve been Nightwatcher, or as I always say “Where there’s bad internet, there’s a way!”


Something to do with how much moldy cheese you managed to sneak into one hand.


This has to be one of the most satisfying ways to deal with arcanysts, variax takes no prisioners in the late game!


Our blades run red in the jungle!


Excelsius: Me Tarzan, king of jungle!


we found the new lyonar vs magmar cinematic!


Some artifact combos are funnier than others :stuck_out_tongue:


This is pretty good, but doesn’t quite match up to Ankh + Grimwar


Feel free to post yours :wink:


If only I had a picture, it was a long time ago in a match against Qeltar. It wasn’t too long after Shimzar’s release.


What sorcery is this? Where is your opponent? he has 12 health!


Conceded right while I was taking screenshot (still a blood stain on the floor, down right of the wall) :slight_smile:


Ah right, the bloodstain, of course.

Figured his health would have displayed as zero when conceding but I guess not.


I played a Sajj who pulled bangle from grincher. She also cheated out an oserix via unseven (this is why I should run dispel) and got the blast and +2 damage artefacts. And she dropped two time maelstroms. GG.


Vetruvian Wraithling Swarm


Why is boulder breacher not discounted?

Oh right, replay bugs


This is my mech dance of meme decks, it was in a very hard fought battle against phayze. @Isbee do i even have to say who won with this board state :stuck_out_tongue: (Me)


…and? Who won?

Well, you did say “very hard fought.” @epicflygon
That means it wasn’t a blowout, which means it could have gone either way, as you are only on your 3rd turn. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: