Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


When your opponent tries to meme on you with Chrysalis Burst but you are a more powerful memecromancer than he knew.

Explanation: Started off the game with double Lurking Fear. Stole Juggernaut and Veteran Silithar with Rot9M, then revived Dreadnought and Rot9M with Nether Summoning in the same turn. This is how you graverob boyz


LMAO…I really like that extra little effort black-barring the eyes…A+


Cover his eyes! This is some PG-18 stuff!


Just for the case… I approve of you not deleting MY name. I’d be proud of participating in a battle where your deck will work so outrageously well, you’d want to put it here.




Always protect your Mechaz0r ! :stuck_out_tongue:
(no worries, Decimus was dispelled before by a airdropped Lightbender)

(yeah, I tweaked my old almighty Zirixz0r a bit :grin: )

Zirixz0r (May 2017)

Uh-oh - things are looking pretty dicey for Kara and her plucky band of archers!

That’s better!


It was in Rift, guy had Lantern Fox, Lightbender, Cyclone Mask, even cast a Zendo … chased him all around the board, and finally, a pure moment of joy, I’ve hit him once, but I’ve hit him good, wracking his face for 28 damage. :boom:


Don’t you mean PTSD?


The dream :heart_eyes:


only 6 mana short of lethal


That’s nasty, I like it. Now what you need is an abjudicator.


What’s that, Faie? Your AOE costs 5 mana? Interesting…

And . . .


When you AoE a board while a DFC is stacking.



Can anyone guess what my next few turns are going to look like? (note that I have not played any minions so far)


4 consecutive makantors, and an earth sphere somehwere in the latter 2


If he asks, it shouldn’t be something so obvious :wink:


there was a sneaky 5th makantor in there too :wink:


Did you somehow manage to win with 5 Makantors?