Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


How come all of you guys’ game boards are zoomed out when mine is zoomed in?


It’s …
a …
(wait for it!)

…that we obviously prefer.

I have set it to Pixel Perfect.


1 Trinity Oath played, 1 replaced … still 5 more in hand :grin:

… but the meme didn’t save me, I’ve been Knelled to death (so creatiiiive Arcanian) :stuck_out_tongue:

(also, save the day, it’s been 6/7month I stopped playing Lyonar cause boredom, that goofy deck made me like it again)


He who memes hardest is the real winner! :wink:


No RNG involved :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I also had obscuring blow for a total of 14 damage and no counter attack #feelsgoodman


Oh, hi Winter, did you want to have fun? I’m playing Vanar.


Well now you’ve gone and pissed off a dev. Then again, maybe it’ll bring Vanar to their attention. :wink:


When it looks like I am cornered but i have a high health minion and 2 divine bonds in my deck :D. Divine Bond saves the day :3


Hmmmm, the salt, let it floooooowww.


When you play Taygete versus an opponent playing Godhammer-Grow-Pets … :grin:

Breaking a good start and first buffed Gro commiting suicide on Taygete

Second heavy buffed Gro suiciding again on antother Taygete, inflicting opponent 10 and breaking couple of Hammer … tasty.

Sadest part is that after Victory, guy just sent me an invitefor insults and told, I quote, “ass faggot Taygete shuld be nerfd” … and removed invite just after.

At least I had a good laugh.

Yeah, yeah, nerf overpowered Taygete, everything was totally her fault here. :laughing:


I feel for you, such actions by players are not fun.


Last time I got a hate request the player called me something sophomoric for tipping and said he didn’t want my gold. Unfriended me before I could tell him to spend it wisely.


Maybe that guy didn’t like how I went with a rude “Hello Sir, why did you invite if I may ask ?”

Anyway, never mind, I got a nice funny match after versus another “Gromar”.
Big buffed minions, big buffed Generals, big numbers.
Was nice, and happily, I haven’t been invited+insulted+remove-invite after :wink:


It’s nice how you didn’t remove the name of the player who insulted you.

Now we all will be ready :slight_smile:


That’s something I usually do because I respect my opponent and posting screen capture may sometime feel like pure mockery. I don’t want readers to focus on the opponent (most of the time it’s just luck) but on the funny situation.

But when it comes to a moron, yeah, I’m not gonna take the extra few seconds to blur his name :wink:


Onyx jaguar is so much fun:

By the way Rook is buffed because he got Daemonic lured over there.


Off topic but anyone tried a memey combo deck with Onyx+Paddo ? :smile:


This is against the AI but I had fun :grin:


2 jaguars in gauntlet…
Memey Rook as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I was pretty lucky to pull 2 Jaguars, they are so powerful in the gauntlet. And I usually wouldn’t take Rook in the gauntlet, but I had to choose between him Twilight Fox and some other bad card, so I thought I might as well have some fun with Rook again :grinning:.