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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Just Vanarcanyst things:


:arrow_up: This match was a struggle. That guy was playing a crazy sabotage deck.
Abyssian minion summon sentinel, Rot9,
nether summoning, and demonic summoning made for a pretty tough match


I’m a simple man, I see SoTW, I like.


It’s funny because even though my intended win-con was polarity owl sage, I’ve been winning my games with SoTW


The card is crazy good, my love for it grows whenever I resolve it.


Evolve Sha-… Uh, i mean Promote Lyonar.
We Bond together!!
I’ve never been this happy playing swarm deck.


First game with the deck.

You’ve never seen the TRUE Azure Combo.


There you did it! A 1 mana Nosh-Rak, just like I always dreamed of :joy:


Unfortunately, not enough Provoke minions had died this game for the Amaranthine to be truly explosive. Brome takes good care of his soldiers. :confused:


I was one token away from completing the trial, but after a homeostatic rebuke I guess my destiny lied elsewhere.

For those that want to see the whole game https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-L8rdW1P7OZdlbgFvevd


Grow is vaiable…


Please tell me you played that 1 mana Noshrak.


Apparently dust is a vital life force, or something like that.


All Strategos wins are eligible for this thread. Honestly, these boards are just so impressive.


I did. And won next turn.

But the opponent was able to remove some of my flyers, so it was 3 mana I believe.


Oh no, our Noshrak is 3 mana instead of 1, whatever shall we do? :laughing:


New addition to my meme collection.

This drawing is called “Who needs Variax?”

Maybe it’s hard to notice, but some wraithlings have provoke, so I’m cosplaying swarm Brome. My Wraithlings…hm…promoted.


Starhorn looks like he’s just flipped over a very large table


No, he looks like he wants to play Juggernaut and concede.

Spoilers: He did just that


Sad. Hitting Jugg with that 10/12 wraithling would be so satisfying!


Man, this is easily my favorite thread here. So much fun to catch up on.

I love it when a plan comes together, kid

@alexx55 Did fine with Magesworn Variax pre-xpack, don’t see why it would be bad now.