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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


This thread is for screen shots of decks working exactly how they’re supposed to, just post a screenshot of the turn before you win, and what kind of deck it is. Meme decks are very welcome

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Post your most rediculous games

this is the game that inspired me to make this thread

I swarmed perfectly and had everything i could ever want by 7 mana


Rare screenshot of Zurael being summoned right after enemy Cassyva Obliterates the board (which didn’t hurt me because I had Grove Lion):

PS: this deck is shit, don’t try it


A very old and the only screenshot of the game I’ve taken. It fits the thread so here.





i imagine he just conceded after this lol


nah man, frostburn solves everything. either that or smashing the hearth sister into the bottom or left one and walking out.


Frostburn would kill me indeed, but Faie had already used one I think, so I judged that she don’t had double Frostburn (because I never keep 2 in hand exept for things like Swarm Abyssian and Vetruvian). She killed the bottom Blazing Spine with Hearth-Sister and moved 2 tiles down but I had 7 mana Winter’s Wake in hand, so gg.


My Arcanyst Deathstrike Meld Hai before the nerf: T.T

I don’t know if this qualifies as it working exactly as it’s supposed to, 'cause it’s supposed to copy 6/4 Forcefield Dejected Thralls or Rush Broken Vassals, but despite replacing two a turn every turn, just cannot draw Mirror Meld or Killing Edge to save my life.

It just keeps on winning weird like this or duplicating 1/15 Deathstrike Seal’ed Aethermasters instead. =S


You needed more jaxi tbh


After I dropped Razorback he conceded, I think he hoped to obliterate me at 8 mana.



I was lucky to develop mechazor early. While he was killing him I built a little army.


How do you take out players icons? Is it in the replay menu?


When Sajj replacetruvian deck pans out!


♫ The roof ♪ the roof ♬ the roof is on fire … ♫


Microsoft Paint used to protect innocence violated.

When you would have won, but for suicide…

Keep your commanding officers in the back, Epaminondas! =S


Look at those stats grow :grin:
In the end I took 2 Visionars down and lost to Nature’s Confluence