Decks to hit Gold rank...?


Hi, I only want know your opinion what are actualy best decks to hit Gold rank? I prefer Lionar and Vanar. Last think is that, this is not suposed to cost more than 3800 Spirit…

Thx to everyone! :wink: :smile: <3


I may seem a bit whatever to you but, any deck can reach Gold. Have fun !

IDK, I don’t play Lyonar and wanted to give my 2 cents.


Anything without Serpenti would be ok. I gonna get roasted for that but please… just don’t play that. Oh and Whistling Blade these are pretty bad.


Check the subreddit’s budget section. Be advised cards nerfed in last patch might need to be switched out (Cryogenesis, Mana Vortex).


I think right now Mana Vortex is going to be unplayed, but Cryo is still a good card. It was undercosted before, and now I think it is a tad bit expensive but it is still strong removal that cycles itself.


If you like vanar and are on budget this is probably the best deck to build. It’s cheap, but it’s also really strong up to rank 5 and is really fun to play if you’re into fast decks that need to manage their resources well.


[quote=“raqyee, post:6, topic:6366, full:true”]
It’s cheap, but it’s also really strong up to rank 5[/quote]

And after rank5, your Mechavanar to grind up to S ?


Probably some variant of Tempo Argeon, but honestly you can make nearly anything work in Gold. My favorite deck to grind gold is Otk Sajj, bursting someone for 25 damage is always fun:P


“007 YOLT” Argeon

“4x14 4-Way” Vaath


Me and my boy serpenti, we gon find u, and serpenti will try n hit you. But he’ll hit a tree. You’ll be all like"omg thank god I didn’t get hit by that serpenti head". But guess what punk his head don’t stop it’ll gets u always :smiling_imp:


Everything here can be made with that spirit:


@raqyee Thx! :wink:


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