Decks in the Meta


I am a returning player and i left before the expansion. I was just wondering what are the decks like now and what I should build. I was a vetruvian Obelysk player (and a good one too!)


Build aggro vet with accumulonimbus, thunderhorn and lost in the desert being key cards.

There is a midrange tempo deck called “wanderer” which is a card that starts in your hand always, and if you have no duplicates of any card in your deck then when you play wanderer all minions get plus 1 plus 1 permanently. This isnt affected by dispel. Basically there is one card like this for every faction, this is neutral.

There is also midrange kaleos with Assasination protocol, inner focus, flamewreath and bakezori.

Trial and destiny is a new mechanic. A card with it can only be one copy in the deck, it will always start in hand and cant be replaced, and they require you to meet a prerequisite before you can play them. Once you play them they provide a permanent undispellable effect.

This makes decks either heavy aggro, wanderer midrange, or control.

Also there is apex of evolution, mnemnovore and decimus. Just letting you know burn counts as draw, so you will see some people playing this OTK deck. It is an exploit, dont play it. I was letting you know what you are gonna have to fight.


I made this deck, it is similar to what I had before


Drop aymara and gust for alcuin loremasters. Will let you get ur accus back into hand for better spiral techs


I’ll just leave it here:

Also, promoting the site. Some really great content there.


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