Decks I Used To Get To S Rank This Season


Deck Lists

Aggro Reva

Mid KaraCreep Cass Just noticed the deck list is wrong. There should be -2xBlistering Skorn -1xGrasp of Agony +3x Ephemeral Shroud (I will update the image when I get home)

Mid Vaath

I figured I’d make this post to just put my lists out there if people want them. All of the decks have a >50% win rate in S rank. They are all pretty streamlined so there are not many cards that are <3x in the decks which I think speaks to their consistency on ladder. I get bored of playing the same deck over and over so I used all four on my climb to S rank as well as a bunch of meme decks which I’ll make a separate post about later.


Just couple of questions. Why no boars in aggro reva? Shouldn’t blazehounds be better than sworn sisters in kara as they 1) work better with hailstone and 2) have more aggressive stats?


I’ve always found boar to be underwhelming. I like playing a style of aggro reva where my opponent has to answer my plays and while tusk boar is good for sending some damage face, at the end of the day, it doesn’t help me build a board or warrant an immediate answer because it just comes back to hand. It is good in the mirror to pick off heart seekers so one could very reasonably swap some cards out for tusk boars. I think if I was to run another 2 drop though it would be either Healing Mystic, Primus Fist, Jaxi, or Flameblood Warlock before I put tusk boar in.

No blaze hound is about the only interesting thing with my deck. I found that on the climb to S I was playing versus a lot of aggressive decks and giving my opponents cards when they are playing aggressive decks is a bad thing because Kara’s one weakness is that it can get rushed down. In slower matchups the blaze hounds are great, but I just didn’t face many midrange decks. Spell jammer is equally as bad when it comes to giving my opponent cards, but its a better card in situation where I find my handsize low because the effect triggers more often. It also has better raw stats than does blaze hound so it is better in terms of how often it winds up sticking on the board.


For your Midrange Vaath, what would you recommend substituting Zenrui for? He is one of the few “meta” legionaries that I have yet to open or craft a single copy of.


If only i had enough spirit to craft them T.T


I wasn’t asked, but: Any good 5-Drop. Blades always do a good job.


Zen’Rui was a tech choice for me so that I could potentially beat Revas. I think if you don’t run Zen’Rui then you should put in 2x Plasma Storm