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Decks done well so figured I should post. Wanderer Rag s-1 stuff

Hey guys o/ Ryv here.
So I normally don’t post singular lists, and I don’t really intend to do much of a write up on it either, but figured I should post one variation of the list I’ve been using this month.

It went 44-4 into… s-1 I believe, might’ve just been into s-rank though.
And now I am currently sitting at 73-11.
It’s also had strong tourney showings with a couple wins, etc.

Anywhoo so here is the list

If anyone has any questions about the deck, or how to play it, or a specific situation, etc. Just let me know, happy to answer stuffs :+1:


Not even 6-0 in first weeks of tourney plz step up :stuck_out_tongue:


And I thought you basically take Wanderer Rag and beat the crap out of people…

Appears it’s not that easy.

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Maaaan, it’s hard okay :frowning:

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huh you kept in slasher, how did that and pupabomb work out for you?

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Pupabomb worked out better than Slasher, but both were only medium. I’ll probably cut them in the future for other cards, but they are sufficient for now.
The extra damage from Pupa did put in work though I gotta admit, having a ghetto Immolation feels pretty nice.


Good, now I will have an excuse as to why I’m losing to da wan decks. I’ll just say ryv did it :mysticup:


What about Jax? Seems like a questionable choice to me.

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Jax is genuinely the MVP of the deck. It’s such a powerhouse of a card in this meta it’s honestly crazy.

It’s phenomenal vs all forms of vet, it single handedly wins the Strategos matchup, it wins any abyssian matchups. The only time this cards bad is vs other Magmar lists generally speaking.
I’ve won countless matches due to its inclusion :+1:


Do you ever deploy him pre-Trial?

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Dependant on matchup, but sometimes absolutely. He can very commonly be the best play even over Wanderer. Like I will always hard cast him on 6 mana vs Strategos for example, because they just straight up lose, they don’t run aoe, and they can’t jax themselves because all the spawns are blocked.


Update for the end of the season.
The deck went 77-11 overall ending at s-1 by season end :+1:so pretty good overall


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