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Deck? WHAT deck?


So I may have inadvertently created the ultimate meme. Hello, its me. Filthy casual here for fun and not gitting gud. This is a card burn deck that has potential to burn an entire deck in as soon as turn four. Possibly faster against swarm decks. Your biggest counters are basic dispel and hard removal cards. So this deck can be hard to get away with, but the meme is worth.


This deck focuses on Mnemovore, but you have other burn cards such as Demonic Conversion, Reaper of the Nine Moons, and Unfathomable Rite.

Your baseline minions are Gor and Sarlac. Getting them out as soon as possible is a priority as they proc Mnemovore’s ability every time they re-summon. You then have other multi-summon cards such as Gloomchaser(can be switched out with another low cost minon like Azure Herald or Prophet of the White Palm based on preference) and Bloodtide Priestess for support. As you’re going to be using Lilith as a meat shield in the beginning of the game, you need Aphotic and Void Pulse for substain.

Once you are comfortable with the board, hopefully you have a Darkfire and a Mnemovore in your hand. If you don’t, keep replacing till you atleast have Mnemovore. If you can’t find a good time, play Unfathomable. Theobule is there for a short combo if you pull a worthless hand from your opponent’s deck. Do not bother playing Shadowstalk unless you have a Mnemovore on the field. If you really need SOMETHING, just use your BBS.

I made this from inspiration to further improve my Reborn in Darkness - Non Meta deck. Pure fun. As always, play in high tiers at your own risk. But its a fun twist to throw in once you’ve just locked into a new tier. Thanks my dudes.

Previous decks - Multiply - Non Meta


I really wish Memevore would actually work in Abyss (I’ve played my fair share of him, but in post-Mythron meta committing your deck to the Mnemo/steal shell is just shooting yourself in the leg. Still, fun idea to use Xor with this (although you probably need Maehv to actually get Xor out) :slight_smile:


I thought about using Xor but it felt rehashed and a little slow for what I wanted. There are loads of fun combos with the trial. I wanted to aim for weird burst burn and actually considered Vetruvian with Fault and Obelisks but didn’t like waiting till turn 7 and the lack of heal. And Magmar had great heal and quick play but nowhere near as good swarm for the burst burn.


Ahaha, could’ve sworn I saw Xor in there :stuck_out_tongue:


Xor with Mnemo as a win con is pretty cool thou.


9 memes no that gud without buffs. strongly suggest swapping for inquisitor for maximum theo-kron vore combos


either that, or skorn to proc all your deathwatch and dying wish, which you have so many of

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Yeah there’s a tiny bit too many spells. Demonic/Ritual for Inquisitor is a pretty good swap. Guaranteed summon and deck burn on first turn.


At some point I really wanted to play Mnemo, crafted 2 copies and only then discovered how inconsistent a deck build around him is. Besides, he’s not doing overdraw damage once you empty opponent’s deck. Seems like only Magmar are able to use him (with Evolutionary Apex) :frowning:


Magmar probably does have the best use for Mnemo, but Vanar (maybe ramp?) can use him and then play Ice Age afterwards to burn their deck.


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