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[Deck] Rag to Riches


Poor Ragnora… he’s universally hated for continually laying eggs, and has a girl’s name, despite the fact that the Thirteen Aspects are all male. And in this deck, Rag has only common and basic cards. What a sad, sad little lizard.

…until Orbo the Ostentatious comes along! When everyone sees the Golden Boy hanging out with old Ragnora, he suddenly becomes the coolest thing since sliced ice cubes. Rag soon becomes rich, and fills his hand with shiiiiiiny WOAH LEGENDARY cards. Then he takes his revenge on all those bullies who used to call him “Mother Goose,” even as they scream and beg for mercy.

Ragnora is relentless. He knows not the meaning of “mercy” (education is pretty bad in the poor districts of Magaari).

Are you poor, too? Did you get the free Orbo from the gods of Counterplay? Well, craft two more and make this deck. Then take your revenge!



:sob: it’s… it’s beautiful. THIS is the pinnacle of Human Storytelling. 10/10. should be a movie.


Why are all thirteen aspects in magmar anyway when vanar has all the aspect spells? :thinking:


In Duelyst lore, Aspect also refers to the Vanar technique of transforming into different animals.


Can we make this a series?


Blaze Hound? Replicant?? Void Hunter??? this is my new favorite


used to have pokemonshowdown account called Mother Goose. now im inclined to try this list :bird:


How do you add custom names to these deck pictures?


Install the Requestly extension, and add the following javascript to bagoum.com.


function createElementFromHTML(htmlString) {
var div = document.createElement(‘div’);
div.innerHTML = htmlString.trim();

return div.firstChild;

var el = createElementFromHTML(‘Double click to edit title/comment’);

var referenceNode = document.querySelector(’#fLH-topStats’);



Mirrorim+Replicant, lol. (And also Okkadok, I suppose.)





I did think of that, but you need to luck into it after playing the Orbo (and erasing your hand).


I feel like this could be a bit more viablelol. Evolution after orboing so that you can hand dump a ton of crazy stat minions(You’ll be smacking five minions next turn). Dance of memes to keep your hand full, and to load up that twin fang. Should work.

On that note, why go half meme? Go full meme with this hot mess.

You can thank me later.


Hell, yeah! I fckn LOVE this Brome deck, gonna play it next time I get Lyonar quest.

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