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[Deck/History/Poll] Make a Wish


Deck Code

[Make a Wish]MToyMDEsMzoyMTAsMzoyMTEsMzoyMTIsMzoyMzMsMToyMzcsMzoyNDEsMzoyNTgsMzoyNjAsMzoxMTE0MSwzOjIwMDk1LDM6MjAwOTYsMzoyMDA5NywzOjIwMjU0LDI6MjAyNjI=

Proof of Awesomeness

Beating Healyonar scum: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LUubWLIx7q_9D58xfqF
Beating Fault Vetruvian scum: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LUubjS40Cqw6IAS36j-
Beating the same Sacrifice Abyssian scum twice: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LUuboGfpfYy2wjeLaY7, https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LUubu55RQ4YsvUbRvdj
Beating Dying Wish Sacrifice Abyssian scum: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LUuc6O2T014STqkR7jL

Out of the five games I’ve played with this deck so far (in Gold), it has a 100% winrate… and I’ve never once played Pantheran for 0. :wink:

From the official lore:

Now, let’s analyze the choices of the three Scions:

  1. +1/+1 and draw a card. All the first Scion wanted was a sip of water and to die with a sword in his hand. He also hoped to topdeck lethal, but RNGesus turned a blind eye to his need.
  2. +2/+2 and can’t be damaged by Generals. The second Scion was clever, and thought that if he couldn’t be damaged by Generals, then General Rasha couldn’t kill him. Unfortunately for him, Rasha was not Eddard Stark, and did not perform his own executions.
  3. +3/+3 and Flying if a Dervish. The third Scion was a complete idiot. He wanted to unlock his inner strength and fly away to safety, but for some reason he tacked on that his wish would only apply to a Dervish. Since he took no vows of poverty (he was a noble Scion, after all), his wish had no effect on him.

Originally, the second and third Scions considered helping their doomed brethren with their wishes, but quickly changed their minds in a failed attempt to save their own hides.

What do you wish for?

  • A million dollars
  • An update in the next two days
  • Another wish
  • Death
  • The annihilation of mankind
  • A pizza party

0 voters


TWO other wishes, fool!


I did that on purpose, m8. You’ve trapped yourself in an infinite loop of wishing for another wish, and never actually getting anything.

That’s what you deserve for your greed! :wink:


If I have a million dollars, I couuld just buy Duelyst.


This deck looks beautiful to be honest- not good, but nonetheless a sight
Id try variants


How DARE you ignore A-bae and go with kha-kha! It might be less consistent, but Magmar never expects the second Aymara!


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