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Hi guys! I’m michaelxiao7, a two consecutive season S-Ranker that really loves this game, although I came back from 1.5 year hiatus right when patch 1.96 was released. I tend to lean towards more Aggro decks, hence the reason why I play a lot of Burnhorn and Aggro Reva. However, I recently started playing some Titan Lyonar (in last season’s S-Rank and in Gold right now) after watching a ton of streamers try the deck out and after running into some Titan players on ladder.

This is my current build, but I’ve played maybe like 8 games with it so I’m not very experienced. I would really appreciate some suggestions and some (constructive) criticism! I really love this deck and I definitely want to play it better and maybe even hit S-Rank with it haha.

Some main questions I have, if anyone cares to answer, are:

  1. Is the mana curve too steep or is it fine right now? (Should I run more 2 drops?)
  2. Kron vs. Ironcliff?
  3. 4 drops? What 4 drops should I run, and how many? As you can see, there’s a good number of 2-ofs in this deck, but I don’t know if that will make the deck more “awkward” perse.

Thanks guys! I’m looking forward to some suggestions :)))


I don’t play much of Titan Argeon (actually I don’t have a titan deck at all rn), but I would definitely run 2-off Magesworn in any Titan deck.

Also I liked inserting some ranged in there. Sol Piercer is pretty nice and also happens to be a 4 drop.

2 drops are definitely fine, you have 12 P1T1 plays.


If only it wasn’t a legendary :((( I’m on a budget rip haha.

I’ll definitely look into it tho! If I plan on maining this deck for the longterm, I’ll likely craft it sometime :slight_smile:


Nine to Twelve two drops tends to be the sweet spot, looks just right. And you curve out reasonably well.

You have a lot of great picks many of which overlap with how I run things, allthough if you are going to stick to Argeon I would definitely make some changes with things that have more synergy with his BBs like going 3x on Dio and the like. Kron is pretty awesome and going full on replace is also an option, but he rarely makes the cut for me unless I am going a little more of a replace angle, but he is never a bad choice. If you stick to argeon though I think Cliff and stuff like Sol peircer will serve you better.

Generally Brome is the better option for titan due to how strong his BBs is post titan, but Argeon does have a couple decks he shines in. Mostly decks that pack either rush units, ranged, or high health provoke units to get the most out of his BBS. You can always splash in tigers, Ironcliffs and the like, into any titan deck and do well with Argeon.

Mech Titan is the primary example of where he outshines brome:

And midrange Brome titan for reference:


Strangely, you have no draw in mech variant. Is it OK?

Also, I believe SolPiercer>Chassis even in dedicated mech Titan Argeon. Even if you have ranged in form of Cannon and (hopefully) MechaZ0R himself.


Replicant and a medium curve goes a long way.

Sol Piercer is awesome, but I think your a mad man to skip mech progression options in favor of just tempo minions, especially since we also rock Oakenheart. (But we do have an excess of progression so if need be one of em could be cut for important tech or draw if someone found the need, but I like it this way.)


you know me well :slight_smile:



Also Argeon is fine, though Brome is good too. Comes down to user preference and certain cards/synergies.


your deck is pretty solid, a good curve, some draw and decent removal options. some other things to consider are letigress (she is the best 5 drop in the deck after pony imo), a 3rd pony, repulsor beast, skorn, magesworn, fizzling mystic.
Tech the deck how you see fit, as an example this is similar to what I currently run


Unfortunately I don’t have Letigress at the moment, and it’s a little too much of an investment for a deck that I’m not fully comfortable piloting either. As I play the deck more and more, I’ll definitely make the decision as to whether or not I should craft Letigress.

In the meantime, whats a good 5-Drop alternative for Letigress? And, should I craft Letigress or Magesworn first? Thanks!


dancing blades is fine as an alternative, but I would definately get tigress before magesworn


I do have a 3rd pony so I’ll run that. What should I take out? Also, if I were to run a 3rd Dioltas, what would you suggest me take out for that?

I personally like Sunbreaker more than Skorn (just personal preference though. I feel like he sticks better and he has more utility), but I’ve never actually found too much use for Repulsor when I ran it since this deck is usually ahead on board anyways.

If you could lightly modify my deck (keep generally the same card choices and structure) to make it better, what would it look like?

Also, I’ve played against you a few times in the S-Rank/Diamond ladder I believe, and you have an absolute monster of a strategos deck LOL. Nice seeing you and @niklaren replying to my post! Really encouraging to see other top players helping me out haha


kron or dancing blades would be the first things I’d cut, whichever is less useful at the time.

sunbreaker vs skorn is fully dependant on what you run into, neither is wrong imo. Repulsor I find is really useful for accessing backline threats that you can’t kill with sentinel, or as an emergency escape button vs wanderer, I ahve since cut it to 2 so I understand if you don’t like it :smiley:

if I were to modify it I might cut a kron and a dblades for a dioltas and a pony. I would also watch your 2 drops, if you are struggling with finding titan then maybe add in sun wisp, if you need a bit more damage then primus fist etc.

that stategos deck was sweet, it should show up on the top 50 list whenever that happens. Helping out newer players is always something I try to do, others did it for me when I was new and I feel it creates a nice sense of community :slight_smile:


Thanks man! I’m actually not really new to this game entirely (been playing since beta), but yeah, I did re-enter the game after a big hiatus so it’s nice to get some advice coming back. Thanks haha


Seconded on tigress, especially if you are playing argeon. Would argue further that argeon is significantly better than brome even with playstyle considered.
Why? Because he is the better general pre-titan and can keep pace with wanderer on those 1-2 turns post-6 mana before titan comes down.

You generally win if titan goes off, so brome is really just a win-more card in any mu outside of the titan mirror.

All the other decks posted above were good, but here’s my take:


I’m a strong believer in Mech Titan not needing draw and also feel pretty strongly that Roar on a Chasis is one of your most powerful plays to stall for your big dudes.


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