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Deck-help please


this is a deck I’ve been trying to work on; as I love playing control and the idea of annoying swarm decks to death appeals to me.

Ironically, it does really well against abyss swarm, but is terrible against almost anything else!!

Any (serious) suggestions please - I am looking for a control archetype if I can close to getting it to work…

I did have the hydrogarms in at first but have taken them out - is it worth switching them for the Tahr’s?

The decklist above.

Well, I don’t have much experience with Vanar and none at all with the new general, but it seems like she just sucks overall. Everything she tries to do, Faie can do better and that is the same for this deck. Drop Wailing Overdrive, and all mana minions above 4. Aspect of the Mountains and Sleet Dasher. What you add in place of those cards depends on what archetype you are trying to play and if you are determined to stick with Illena.

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Something important to know…are you interested in controlarchetypes in general or primarly vanar(illena) controlarchetypes?

in general - my main deck is a very control creep deck

This should be fairly decent…i updated it a few hours ago without much testing…so im not 100% sure thats its stronger than the previous version(-3 dioltas and -1 cleric for 2 prominence and 1 scintilla).It is my favourite list right now and fairly good…S should be possible although difficult

This is probably the strongest deck right now and very controlish…i despise it but this is the controldeck you should go for if you just want to get to S.
BTW:If you hit 2 things with kinematic thunderhorn both will cause the AOE chain

Deathsadvocates final destination list…it is strong and will certainly take a skilled pilot to S without much trouble

With the other factions…
Im not sure if my zendo shenanigan decks can be considered control

Quite weak right now in general and don,t play them much

I don,t play them very much and am not sure how strong the controlish decks are with lavaslasher,rebuke and finality nerfed.Theres certainly potential though but most magmar right now are comboish ragnoras.

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I just have to point it out here seperately:
Is the 666—0 spirit cost for the from me despised lostinthedesert-vet deck which i just noticed now coincidence or does it have a deeper meaning behind it :confused:


A really good one with ilena, even though she feels a little oyt of place

Thanks for these - I don’t just want to ‘get to S’, so will be leaving the Zirix deck alone; I do have a lovely control Ciphyron deck which I need to learn to pilot better!!

No offense but…the deck is TERRIBLE. Outside of some strange decisions (fissure for example) it doesnt have a single 2 drop which makes your earlygame very weak.And for your lategame you dont have wincons outside of eyolith ,rhyno and lucky dashers (even worse without heartsister all of these can be kited too.
It is also lacking the thunderhorn-aspect of shimzar combo that is mandatory in every vanar deck right now…if you don,t include it youre just doing something wrong.

Please don,t mind the following sentence:don,t give advice to new players if you are not experienced yourself(ATLEAST dia once)…they can,t indentify your mistakes and will assume that your deck suggestions are good and something they should work for.


First - i’m not running to s rank, had enough of it.
Second - i’m fairly experienced, and playing since alpha.
Third - your narrow look on how decks should works makes you to sort of blind.
Yea alot of my decks are not looking like they should work and they did (ask scarzig, and proxizem).

For example - there is another board clear that is even stronger then thunder - dasher + boundless and i like it more beside the fact that not alot of people will mind it.
“Mandatory”… man give me a break - there is no mandatory it’s just a game.

And i will mind the sentence - i think you judge too quickly, becuase i remember a few times i faced you and won, twice with a “not mandatory” deck.
Enough man, you are not duelyst police, there is a personal way to play the game based on your skill with a faction (i main vanar) and the way you think.
And yes sometimes the deck doesn’t lock on the combo you usually use.

Sidenote - i don’t mind you calling this deck terrible, you can say whatever you want to say.
I do feel like there is a level of respect and there’s a way to say things not talking about actually think about what the deck do.
You know what, i do like the game, but forgive me when i say this - i know my place and don’t really care about your opinion and never evaluate the game to be a piller in my life.

Prespective brother.

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The stun/vespyr deck hasn’t uploaded - any chance you can re-post?


it is fine to run what you want and have fun with it, but calling that deck “really good” is just false, and suggesting it to other people, especially those who are not very experienced, as anything other than a silly deck to have fun with is just misleading.


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