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Deck Help (Budget Wanderer)


Just got wanderer after opening my 30th Mythron Orb. Looked over the June Power rankings to give me some inspiration. I’m a f2p player so I already had the epics in the deck. Could I get any suggestions? Is the curve good? What should I craft next? All help is appreciated, thanks! :vankiss:


Would probably dump:


If I was on my PC I could tell you what to replace with because I can’t remember the cards off the top of my head, but your curve is too low and you need more value minions like fox or maybe pando, definitely Zendo. Also, IF could possibly be brick so maybe dump it.

Someone ping Grandmaster Alpha “goes 0-2 in tournaments” century.


so the cards that I don’t think are good here would be obscuring blow, xho, night watcher, sojouner and ash mephyt. stuff I would like to add would be deathstrike seal, tusk boar, battle pando, eternity painter, grandmaster zendo, calligrapher, kron, aer pridebeak, bloodbound mentor, dioltas, purgatos, sunset paragon, frostbone naga, and grimes. obviously there is not enough room for all of them and many are not budget friendly, so take the ones that you do have and fit them in, I would also reccomend swapping out wings of paradise for orizuru as it is probably a better fit.


Kind of surprised about night watcher, I didn’t say anything about it because I figured it was good utitlity and stickiness for when wanderer hits the field.

Grimes is…interesting.

You are right about sojourner, draw doesn’t seem necessary so much as tempo since reva can just summon seekers.

Maybe I should try playing wanderer now? But I think my burnhai is enough for now, do you think that wanderer is reva is the best songhai archetype at the current meta?


I’ve tried nightwatcher in wanderer before and it just wasn’t that good, it wasn’t awful but I don’t think it is strong enough. draw can be useful but I don’t think it is needed especially early on where you may be punished for having a smaller hand size. and yes, wanderer is the best songhai archtype right now imo (as well as the best magmar, abyssian, and lyonar one)


In my opinion Night Watcher is fine, not so bad that i’d recommend to cut it at any rate, and Grimes was better in the rotation environment, I wouldn’t personally run it, since it’s sorta like RNG Ash Mephyt…

I’d certainly cut: Xho, Obscuring Blow & Ash Mephyt.
Maybe cut: Ghost Lightning, Ephemeral Shroud, Repulsor Beast Wings of Paradise & Sojourner

For additions everything Blob said is good suggestions, I personally find Sunset Paragon to be quite important, as well as Battle Pando to be very useful and an upgrade in all the important ways to Ghost Lightning. All of those legendaries of course are excellent as well, but I understand it’s budget permitting.

Best of Luck!


Thanks for all the help. Will start crafting the commons and save up to craft the epics too. Don’t think I’ll be able to use any of the legendary suggestions though. Thanks again! :sweat_smile:


I know it’s been almost a week, but here’s my two cents on how I’d do a no-legendaries Reva Wanderer deck.

Very few spells, just removal and movement, and a big fat blob of generically good minions, a bunch of which are also removal. If I could add just one single legendary to this, it would be Inquisitor Kron. A 4/6 with provoke and a 3/3 token with a random keyword for five mana? Yes please.

On second thought, probably take the mizuchi out for a blistering skorn. And maybe drop the aer pridebeak or wings of paradise if you want that bonereaper back. Sworn Sister L’kian or a blue conjurer might also be worth considering?

Anyway, just my two cents.


Thanks, very helpful!


Just got Calligrapher from the 4th of July gift orbs!

This is my current deck. I am looking to craft a legendary Inquisitor Kron to replace the seeker squad. I have some legendary prismatics, Eight Gates, Progenitor, Dreadnought, and Black Locust. Which one should I disenchant?


black locust for sure, it is awful

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