Deck feedback/help please


Hey so i played this like a year ago and have come back to it. I scrapped a ton of cards I was not using to build this deck currently. Would love some feed back on it.

This was the deck I used last time i played (for the most part), i have updated it slightly with what I could here and there. I plan to change a few things out still. There are 2 mechanics that i abuse with this deck. One is the Onyx Jaguar. When paired with Kaleos and the several movement spells of songhai you can bloat any champ really in to a power house. The other play that i really like is the deathstrike seal on either a flame wreath or a battle panddo. On the battle panddo it equals a total board wipe to help regain tempo, while on the wreath it can be an area wipe. Other then those 4 cars im really open to change with this deck. Oh and the quarter mater is there because why not, its what i have available to me plus with a jaguar out he can be pretty annoying


Don’t play Gauj.
Do play Scroll Bandit.


yea saving up spirit for the scroll bandits atm. Figure id drop the mizuchi/gore horn/ gauj to make room for 3 of them


You need more 2 drops. Between eight to ten 2 drops in a deck is a healthy amount. Scroll Bandit and Primus Fist are solid options in a Kaleos list. You should also craft a set of Grandmaster Zendo once you have the spirit.


I like that. It’s not a strong combo but it’s original.


Really, that many 2 drops? Damn ok, I’ll work on putting some more in.


I realized I forgot the s in master from your quote lmao. Thanks, yea its not a game breaking combo but it works and makes use of what I have in my collection. I try not to just cookie cut when I can.


I consider whiplash being pretty bad and do not see him on ladder at all. You may consider removing it in favor of pretty any usable 2 drop. Best neutral choices are either primus or mystic for either more aggressive or more slow approach respectively.