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[deck clinic] Vanar paralyzer (and Mirrorim discussion)

Disclaimer: I both don’t understand Vanar and don’t have the cards.

But according to my calculations, we can design a new type of cancer that will dominate the world.

The plan is to play as many Malicious Wisps as possible because they’re disgustingly strong and need to be abused. Dig for them with Aethermaster and duplicate them with Mirrorims. Protect them with Hearth-Sisters, Repulsor Beasts, Gravity Wells, Hailstone Prisons, etc.

Add insult to injury with Sphynx, as the Riddle should really aggravate the mana difference and playability for you opponent, slowing the game further and slowing access to removal.

Kron should spam prisoners while you do that.

Then I stumbled upon Draugar Eyolith and laughed out loud like a maniac as I added a couple to the deck. I guess this is also our finisher. Although I’m not sure they shouldn’t be Bonereapers instead, as we’re lacking proper AOE.

Unfortunately I have very little of the necessary cards, but I’d nonetheless be very glad for comments, variants, and if any one of you psychopaths (and I mean it in the most respectful way) happen to test something like it let me know about the results.

Edit: I just realized that you can probably Hailstone Prison your own Malicious Wisps. Dirty.

The problem with Mirrorrim is that it doesn’t add draw. You get copies in your deck but you still have to draw them. And there is no card draw in the deck and that’s the big problem I think. The Sphynx are probably too cute but I like the idea :wink:

You also could play EMPs to dispel your own Wisps.


I played a couple of matches against the computer with a very poor approximation of this and you are right, +3 Spelljammers are direly needed.

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You have lots of minions already. I suggest -2 hunt.


oh yeah that’s my problem with mirrorim too! it’s so hard to find cards that are tutorable minions that would have nice, repeating effects. been trying it with silver mechs but the game ends before it gets there.


what about using it on replicant lol


lmao that is the most backwards thing. i think it could work if we get some mana cost reduction for mechs(or replicants getting some mechazor progress effects).

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ah now that would be slick , just 10% even get those zors flooding lol

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Or, you know, playing dance of memes with 2 kujata…

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oh yeaaaah that could work.

also in keeping this still on-topic, i cant seem to find a good place for mirrorim in vanar lands

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Don’t worry about on-topicness so much. Good discussions are good discussions, and I really want to get Mirrorim to work.

The deck derived into this and both card flow and raw power are much, much better:

there’s a @deathsadvocate’s Kara Scarzig deck which could use some mirror memeness.

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Sorry to branch this comment into another thread, but it is simply to stay on topic.
Why do you say Winter’s Wake + Ice Age gives access to Malicious Wisp, whereas the Nemeton trial wouldn’t?

Is it because Nemeton decks are too cramped and normally don’t have room for Malicious Wisp?

Yea… I’d say it more smoothly fits in a wisp. You can totally put it in a Nemeton deck, but I think it is better suited for Winters Wake.


Back to Titan Ox lol

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