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Hello. I am new to Duelyst. While I understand the gameplay basics, I having trouble building a good deck with the starting cards already given to me. I tried looking at a few decks on the forums, but I am low on both spirit and gold. What are some tips to improve my deck building? Additionally, since I am new, I have a difficult time telling the difference between a good card and a bad card. Currently, I only own the starting cards, the unlockable cards for each faction, and the entire Bloodborn expansion (I bought it thinking that it will be a good investment because I am planning on playing Duelyst for a long time; it has been a very enjoyable experience so far). I am particularly interested on the Vetruvian and Magmar Factions.


Hiya, thequesti0n.

Here’s a thread that might help you out. @akurane had a very good list of questions which was repeatedly answered very well here: Question for Deckbuilding

Beyond that, card evaluation can be a tricky thing. You have to try to think in terms of common scenarios and how the card will either win you the game or affect the board state.

For example, I don’t play Void Hunter because it doesn’t affect the board and its effect doesn’t help me win the game. It doesn’t affect the board because the best move against Void Hunter is very often just to hit it with your general, so you’ve paid 3 mana to do not very much, while your opponent gets to keep their minion. Another example would be Zurael, the Lifegiver. I don’t play him because, while his effect can win games immediately, the most common use case for him is just to bring back one, maybe two or three minions.

I hope this and the stuff in akurane’s thread helps :?)


Managers are just here to tell YOU what to do, they ain’t gonna work.


Welcome to Duelyst!

There are a ton of things we could go through; maybe it’s smart to focus on one deck until you get more of a sense? If you list a primary General and play style we could really tailor our advice to help you get started on your Duelyst career. Make sure not to disenchant anything at this stage!


I think Magmar is definitely a good faction for beginners. Aggro decks are very cheap, I pulled this off of the forums:

Makantor Warbeast is the only expensive card, and Thumping Wave and Elucidator are probably the only ones that you need to craft.

As for deckbuilding it really just takes a lot of trial and error. I don’t like playing something if I didn’t create it myself and when I first started playing I was awful(both at playing and deckbuilding) What I would do, is just copy other players decks for now until you kinda get a feel for how decks are constructed. Every once in a while try to build your own, and eventually you will start to find that your decks are not god-awful anymore.

Vetruvian is fun to play, but they are very expensive. They have low-mid cost dervish synergy decks, but most other more interesting archetypes will be extremely spirit costly. The faction is also not the strongest right now, still viable, just in an odd spot right now due to some card nerfs. I recommend sticking with Magmar until you have more experience and a stronger collection built up.


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