Deck Building: A Community Project


Recently, I have thought up of really interesting deck ideas, yet have felt overwhelmed with deck choices, such as how much removal, what (alternate) win conditions to run, and which minions would run better (example: Healing Mystic vs Azure Herald, Sunsteel Defender vs Dioltas). Then an idea hit me; why not build a duelyst sub community all about finalizing decks?

The Project idea is simple: post a deck concept/list as a base, and have multiple players (presumably from different ranks) test out the decks (either against friends or in ranked) by playing ~20 games to see where the deck can be improved and make changes to it. Afterwards, the participants report their findings/changes so that the decks weak and strong points can be established to further finalize the deck list.

There are a few main reasons why I think this would be a good thing:
1.) It helps others become more experienced/have more knowledge when it comes to deck building
2.) Deck lists that are posted would be more concrete, as multiple players would be able to play the original deck list, make their personal changes, and report back to the group to get a better understanding of how the deck plays out, what cards to have when, and how to play certain matchups (and which matchups are good, bad, or draw based)
3.) Generals/decks that may not have a real concrete foot in the meta (Growmar, Healyonar, and Backstab/Move Kaleos to name a few) may have a stronger footing with multiple people working together to have a better understanding of them.
4.) Having people play it from multiple ranks (where the meta can drastically differ) can expose the deck list to a variety of situations and see how well the deck can answer/deal with those situations.

I am all for this project becoming a thing, but with the expansion around the corner, it may be best to hold off the project until the new expansion has been released (to help better define the nature the new meta will bring). Please leave your thoughts in the poll below on whether you’d be interested in the project, and, if you choose yes, when the best time would be to start it :slight_smile:.

  • Yes: Start Before expansion
  • Yes: Start After expansion
  • No

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Community Deck Building Project: Phase 2

That really seems like a lot of work to be honest. And even if there were less mandatory games required to be played, there is still no way to enforce it. And if people just post their thoughts on the decks without actually trying them, the thread is basically just one big pile of various decklists which people comment on. Not like that’s anything bad, but it is really far from the original idea. I don’t know, it sounds a bit too hopeful. I’ll be glad if I’m proven wrong though.


See the testing section of this thread Matchmaking Hub: Alternate Formats, Testing, and Casuals


That part was kinda a last minute idea on my part. I know that this will be harder to enforce, and that the spread in rank may or may not help the deck’s overall power, but I thought that having multiple players testing out a similar deck could bring a larger pool of games to better determine match-ups and win rate. I want the experience to feel casual and more as a community building activity, so I’ll try and adjust it to align more with that basis.


Yeah, I did not see that part of his thread ><. For this, I wanted it to be more like a monthly (or a span of anything less) to test out one theme for a deck with multiple players in order to list more consistent, possibly meta deck list for archetypes that haven’t been much explored or defined yet (if that makes any sense: it’s not really helping a person improve their deck as it is creating decks through multiple testing and view points in order to fit less played archetypes into the meta better.)


Loved the idea and would love to participate, but I think it will be more interesting aftee the expansion sets in


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