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Deck Advice? Flawless Ramp Ilena


Hi all,
First time on the forums! Looking to improve this deck, perhaps by adding some more of those big late game cards, but not sure what to cut… advice?



Inb4 @snowshot
triple up on the age wake since theyre your wincon.

Consider more flawless reflection with more Seraphim, it combos extremely well.

Additionally consider focusing the deck around wall cards such as luminous charge and gravity well, considering embla, wake and age. If you do do this consider manaforgers and abjucators.

Drop the freeblade, hearth sister is just better, perhaps an second basilisk?

replace sojourners with spelljammers if you desire card draw,

Gauntlet is out of place, so is thunderhorn.

Consider hailstone prison.

Triple up on wisp/add shivers for more ramp.


Just decide already on your actual wincon - Flawless or Wake. Having both as a 1-off makes deck inconsistent.

Not a Vanar expert, just a random opinion. TBF, not many Vanar mains are left here, can’t name someone oher than @snowshot or @wardl.


Hi, I’m not much of a flawless reflection or winter’s wake player but reflection seems to work best with more walls.
@snowshot shared a deck not too long ago using exactly those two cards.
In general try to avoid having just one copy of a card in your decks unless they are extremely situational.



It seems like you can not point a finger about what each card do.

If you go reflection - play some yggdra, double on the reflection and age to reflect backline threats.
You can also double on the seraphim.

If you go wake then place 2/3 wakes and alot of ramp.

I would place some hand size cards anr removal too.

This night look like a version to your liking.

Even though i prefer mine, but it has a really high skill cap and not much of a beginer friendly.


Seems me to lack a bit of focus regarding what are your goals for the endgame as you’re essentially piling up staples and ramp. Take a theme/effect - you want wall? You want reflect? You want Reliquarian? Vespyr? Stunsmash? Pick a poison as Vanar has a bit too many lategame options that goes unto fairly diverging paths.


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