Decimus Theory Crafting



The patch sadly added a bug fix so that cards that are added to hand by stuff like Sphinx no longer count as draw. So with that in mind Sphinx no longer makes the cut. So here is the new rough draft of the deck. The bug fix also weakens vindicator/visionar in general but they are likely still worth playing.

A little explanation for the deck:

The basic idea is to leverage starhorns BBS, and blaze hound with a few cards that directly benefit from your opponent drawing.

Mank, taygete, Decimus, and to a lesser extent Vindicator, Visionar, and mandrake benefit a lot from the ramp. Taygete is a powerhouse with ramp and also has its usual fun combo with thumping. Just a lot of synergy as well as hand dumping to fuel mandrake/not overdraw.

It focuses mostly on minions in order to make sure mandrake gets discounted quickly, as well as being able to flood with ramp. Picked herald over mystic as the deck really needs some healing and since this is ramp/mandrake style we want it to be minion based rather then the usual go to of earth sphere. Yes it’s missing the standard powerhouse Magmar two drops and that’s because it’s a ramp deck so it wants to put out bigger threats and get its combos rolling quickly, using its two drops for utility instead. I would still fit healing mystic in addition to shaman before putting in the standard two drops.

Dropped Spelljammer for tiger.

Vision is just a little slow and does not go well with ramp, cut for sunsteel, and cut shaman in favor of earth sphere. I prefer to to run mystic/shaman for drake decks but just not enough room for both so back to sphere.

A more midrange list that I am currently testing since I don’t currently own playsets of vindicator.

dropped shroud for Lightbringer.

So here is my old overdraw starhorn deck. With Decimus incoming I am rather excited. If he does not do damage from a sphinx riddle then he will likely replace Sphinx. But if he does actually combo with Sphinx I am not sure what I want to take out. Visionar is probably the next weakest link due to how slow and vulnerable it is, but I would be sad to see vision get benched. I would also be sad to bench Sphinx since this is pretty much the only deck that can get use out of him but it may have to be done.

A more control based list that will use Sphinx/Decimus as anti aggro tools rather then playing aggressively and forcing draw.

The memes are REAAAL: DECIMUS!1!
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Hound maybe? I mean there is plenty of draw in the deck already, don’t think hound is needed that much, especially since with decimus there is a way to actually get dmg out of the draw without fatigue.


It doesn’t combo with Sphinx.


Visionar does though.


The hound is more to gain instant value out of stuff rather then having to wait until the end of turn, I am almost more inclined to drop jammer but I know that would probably be foolish. You may be right, hound may be the right pick.

I still eagerly await the answer to the question of his interaction with Sphinx.


It does combo with Sphinx.


Jeez raqyee :smiley:
As i said in the spoiler thread, they should just make those cards all work the same way, this incosistency is annoying af.

I mean for most stuff jammers delayed effect doesn’t matter that much, unless you need statbonusses that turn for lethal or to trade with sth. but i understand where you are coming from.


The suspense is killing me. And yea, they could really do with a few consistency clean ups. This and the restore/heal keywords.


Same. If it works with Lkian and Sphynx it might actually be somewhat viable. I am pretty excited tbh.


if you want to put Decimus, keep spelljamer no ?


i would definetly remove vindicator and keep the visionar. Vindi sucks and only gets buffed when the opponent draws.


I suppose since I am already running flash/juta vision is pretty fast. So it’s down to jammer, hound, and vindicator.


i think that in order to abuse decimus, you should keep jammer and hound


Well, if you say so Groovy Lion sir.


oh man i laughed more than i should jajajajajaja


Ah yea I see the “bug fix” or arbitrary nerf to a deck that needs buffs -.-.

Well it appears sphinx will likely get cut since it wont even work with Vision anymore.

But that deflates a lot of my excitement for the deck.


It could still work, it just won’t be as entertaining


On the one hand i like that they did it the way they did because it works like its supposed to due to wording now, on the other hand rip visionar.


It doesn’t combo with Sphinx. Now for sure.


Well so much for that idea, that “bug” was the only reason Sphinx and vindicator saw any play.