Decimus Spike: Get it before its nerfed


Hi guys, today I’ve got a deck to show case.

I am also really tempted to rant about the new expansion while I’m here, I mean, “everyone” (90% of the vocal folks, at least) seems to want a “control meta” for Duelyst but the designers (intentionally or not) always seem to make the game faster — Yep, the devs make really cool cards like GM Varax but then print shit like Entropic Gaze thus making them far too slow.

I kinda wanna complain about the speed of the meta that I fear is about to emerge and I consider myself an aggro player! But anyway, as I said, I’ll avoid the rants for now, particularly since its only day 2 (not forgetting ranting = effort :wink: ).

Alright, lets start with the actual deck-tech shall we?

For those of you that regularly read my posts on these forums will not be too surprised by a bunch of these card choices; for instance the Zyx Mirkblood packages is a throwback to my older versions of “Floodhorn”.

As you can see we run 9 new expansion cards here and the previously unplayed Decimus and Vindicator also make an appearance.

But before talking about the nuances of the list lets quickly cover the most important thing of all: What do we name this monster?


Currently I’m toying with “Decimus Spike” (because it sounds cool and is a portmanteau of two of the featuring cards) or “Five-Chakri Magmar”; which, I feel, is a nice metaphor for how this bad boy plays the game.

My older “Floodhorn” lists aimed to win by throwing (and then buffing) a bunch of small minions onto the board. While this deck has plenty of those elements but it is also capable of a lot more and so therefore I’m not sure “Floodhorn” is particularly descriptive of the play-style of this monster.


Alright, so this deck has has a really diverse range of threats and is capable of attacking the opponent from a variety of angles.

  • We can win board with tempo mandrakes and/or runaway cards (eg mirkbloods, Vindi)
  • We can OTK with unchallenged Decimus / Vindicator / Rancor combos
  • We can with the more traditional Elucidator/ Makantor + Thumping combos
  • …etc…

Moreover the fact that our damage spells (and BBS) draw cards allows for frightening levels of consistency.

Basically, the idea of the deck is play something that threatens to win the game if left unchecked. Eventually the removal/dispels will be exhausted and something will stick.


Note, I wont talk about stuff like Zyx/ Mirkblood here because I’ve covered that sort of stuff in my previous “floodhorn” guides.


Pre-expansion this was a bit of a meme. But now this guy in this deck is actually a serious threat; Its a bit like a Four Winds Magi in Songhai. The real reason this guy is nuts though is simply because we can deal huge chunks of damage WITHOUT emptying the hand.


When I first saw this guy I thought it was average, but after 2-3 games I learnt that this 2-drop is very high in power; much like Chraki avatar it has a clear weakneess (e.g Tiger/dispell) but it also has the capacity to win the game.

Just drop too of this near the enemy general and laugh as the enemy cannot go face with thier 10/10 giant, lol.

Entropic Gaze / Spike

damage, card draw and combo enablers. Cards that provide a deck considerable synergy AND draw AND damage would be fucking insane in any faction. I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised to see a nerf to one of this in mid jan patch.


Much like Decimus this guy was unplayed by now has enough support to justify running. This guy is our 4th and 5th Chakri Avatar lol. If this survives a single turn then you can draw cards and basically cast a Wailing Overdrive for free.

I kid you not, I have been able to buff these guys to 15+ attack on several occasions.

Deck Weakness:

No heal, and cards that deal damage to oneself. This weakness means that FROM THE VERY FIRST TURN OF THE GAME you must carefully manage your health (remember that is we want to finish someone off with Elcuidator + Spike was must have at least 8 life ourselves!)

All damage being permanent + our combos dealing damage to us is a significant and toxic combination. However, I’d advise caution in trying to fix this weakness; it might, for example, be tempting to add an Earth Sphere or too but then you risk games being dragged out and thus losing to some late game monster like Grandmaster Varax.

Overall, I think playing safe and dragging games out (with healing) is probably worse than going all out with a risky play in the upcoming meta.


Well, that’s the deck. I’m not gonna sit here and say that this is the best version of aggro starhorn out there, but I will be willing to testify to this particular version being damn strong. Have fun with it guys!


Smash, spreading cancer, one deck at a time :wink:
You should name it : “Premature Cardjculation”

As if it wasn’t enough with Magmar :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I’m sure the Starhorn player will be having fun… :cry:


CP gave us the tools. We’re just using them.


༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Yes please big boi.

Side: Thanks OP for sharing the list. Definitely gonna try it out for size ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


This was @deathsadvocate list, but this happened at 6 Mana as player 1:

…just to let everyone see that Vindi is real!


Wtf lol… haha you made my day


Current stats: (Diamond 1/2, S-rank): 20-4 (one of those loses being a D/C).


You might like this:

20 life dead on 5 mana. Here’s the scary thing about this crazy new world: I dont play thumping wave cuz it doesn’t do enough damage. LUL


What alternative would be best for vindicator (only card I don’t have)? Also, how successful has mandrake been for you? I personally felt that in my lists he was personally to slow (although my deck also isn’t as zoo orientated as yours). Another thing, what is your opinion on using the new Magmar 3 drop in this type of list?



if you go more aggro, then yes, it probably does result in being a “slow” card.

Ideally, in order to make mandrake work you need to be pushing out 1-2 minions a turn. If you can do that, the usually turn 6 can be Makantor + 6/6. If you avoid playing spells in the early game this is mostly achievable.

Moreover, once they are cheap they work really nicely with all the new draw we have. So yeah I like them, but do we need 3 copies? maybe not.

New mag 3-drop.

Imo, this ends just being a worse Mirkblood.

No vindicator?

try +1 Decimus +1 Wings of Paradise.

the wings suggestion might sound a little weird but here me out; this deck function by playing “high threat” minions. A wings represents 5 dmg and the flying adds to your removal capacities. Plus, its a three-drop we can play on turn 1 (as P2), which is, imo, really important.



Climbing the ladder was nice and funny today, but the more time passes and the more people are netdecking this one :frowning:

And now I have to modify my perfectly tailored deck to add Decimus+NightWatcher as tech cards.

Thank you, thank you very much Mr. Smash :wink:

Adding a small riddle for the lulz

Among these 10 matches, 4 have been done versus Rancour-Masoschist-Decimus-Cardjaculation deck type.
Will you be lucky enough to find which ones ? :wink:

I’m gonna give it 24h more tries and after that … I’m playing it too :smiling_imp:

Is anyone teching Decimus?

I did same idea deck today but more in the sMorC mood:

I love combo from Rancour first turn and turn after Flameblood Warlock giving him +3 attac.

Well I played 1 vindicator because I just have one. But it seems better to have direct damage from oppenent draw with Decimus than Vindicator.


Has anyone else been using Cryptographer? 1st turn Crypto into Rancour + Young Silithar + BBS has won me a bunch of games, and i don’t even have that many good cards.


26-4 with 17 game win streak. Now S#34



crypto is really good for another archetype like the one with Drogon and fractal replication.
For example you have Drogon on board and you are 3 attack. You BBS play crypto and BBS again and your attack become ((3+1)*2)+1)*2=16 damage for 4 mana.


Its actually 18 but yeah it feels pretty good.


I must totally fucking suck because I couldn’t win one game with it. I am so used to running a control deck. Are you supposed to vomit this? I’m just getting overwhelmed and can’t keep a decimus up!


now 34-7 S#13

The position above illustrates why I like Mirkblood (for all of you wondering). F8 has a tough choice here; what to you shroud?

  • If you shroud Mirkblood you must be prepared for the metric shit tonne of damage cards like Elucidator represent; in this case Rancor can swing in for about 7 damage.

  • If you dispell Rancor then you fall behind on tempo (since 2 drop awnser a 2-drop, but I have a bigger body), and Mirkblood can start to snowball the game.

Basically my version of the deck aims for overwhelm the opponent with the shear number of “chakri’s” we slam onto the board.


is it possible to make this deck without spikes or gaze? that and vindicator is all i’m missing. i assume they really have no replacement though


No. That’s a large portion of your damage and consistency. Tectonic Spikes is the glue holding the entire deck together.