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Decided to join the forums too


I’ve been playing about 2 weeks now. Killed 2/3 bosses if that helps determine how long I’ve been here.

Despite all the lists, videos and such I’ve studied, I still suck out loud at Gauntlet.

I’m still having a bit of trouble with the ladder because I still can’t settle on a faction to concentrate on, only a couple I currently wish didn’t come up on the 20g quest.

I’m not really concerned about either though. I’ll get there. I guess I should apologize to those who rage quit because I’m going too slow, between being a Linux user using the browser and still studying the board and reading cards, sometimes I even miss my own turn…lol That’s also the reason I’m not very “talkative” in matches.

Also thanks to those who have been tipping me, either out of pity or to “show dominance” keep it up, it helps me not to have skip a day sucking at Gauntlet.


I feel like you either are naturally talented or gauntlet or just forever suck at it. Top players will say you can get better through practice, but how many times do I have to lose before I actually win at least 3 matches consistently?

Everyone goes slow, top players and silver scrubs. Don’t worry about it.


Have you tried perhaps as the kids say, getting gud?

Tbh gauntlet is weird, I never particularly cared for the mode but once I switched to it almost exclusively I just clicked with it.

The thing is gauntlet really isn’t the same game mode, you prioritize vastly different things and play around cards you never would in standard modes so I can see why it would take time to ease into.


Two people so far seemed to have rage conceded on me for going to slow though…lol

Yeh, I considered trying it, figured I’ll do it when I get around to it.


Apparently, I go extra slow, I’ve been rage conceded on twice…lol


That’s not slow play, that’s tactical psychological combat.


Maybe instead of unintentionally going slow reading cards I haven’t seen and fighting the browser and this laptop that’s waiting to be replaced, maybe I should figure out how to weaponize this?..lol


Welcome to our humble menagerie of misfits!


I’m making an alt account called “iropeifyoumagmar”


Hmm… Why don’t you mention those who may have tipped you out of respect for your deck or playstyle?

As for me, I tip anyone not playing Ragnora…and sometimes even those playing Ragnora if the deck is nonstandard.

Forum bros, sorry for probably starting this tipping discussion all again :confused:

But it’s an introduction thread, so nice to meet you and GLHF :wink:


Because that would have implied I thought I had the cards and/or experience to have a respectable deck and/or playstyle instead of throwing what little I have together in the most meaningful way I can and try my best…lol When my card base improves to the point that my decks can stop evolving and I can settle on a playstyle, those reasons might make more sense.

Not having settled on a playstyle or even a faction yet, Magmar is in my rotation too as in the meantime I’ll just keep trying to level them all until I have a win rate that will get me out of silver…lol

Plus, I looked up the top answers on Reddit after It happened the first couple times…lol I’ve not seen the forum discussion but if it’s like reddit’s I don’t need to nor want to start that again either

In any case, nice to meet you as well, GLHF, I’m sure I’ll see you around as I think I’ve seen your nick in game at least once already.


Nah man, it can be more simple. Facing weird cards can be funny or nice, and some interesting (which doesnt mean necessarily good) ideas are budget. If I see someone playing Maehv with Prophet Of The White Palm (hello Warriorofsunlight or something), thats not necessarily top meta as far as I know, but it is a slot for this forgotten card no one plays… thats tip material and you could be doing it even as a newcomer.
Or like the initiation rite when newbies realize that mana tiles are cool and jam 3x Planar Scout in their decks to deny the opponent of them. Its not good, but its such an iconic moment, an epiphany signifying that the player is indeed thinking about the game and coming up with ideas- I’d hard tip that.

Also, something good about Duelyst is that legendaries are commonly not broken. There are budget S lists- of course as a newcomer you likely cant get there easily, but the idea is not to think of budget as a necessary factor neither for being tippable nor having a good deck.

And also, welcome! set yourself an avatar why would anyone not do that


I don’t remember getting tipped when I tried that. I do remember the laugh emote and receiving the worst beating I’d had to that point…lol

Actually, about half the decks I’ve been thinking about, many cards I want are still rares and commons. Making my current ways of getting new cards expensive Gauntlet orbs and boss orbs as leveling currently is just giving me prismatic copies of things I already have and can’t even recycle for spirit. What little spirit I do get I’ve currently been mostly using to solve problems in boss battles.

Rarity doesn’t mean much to me as it’s what the card does that makes me want it if I don’t have it, or enough of the cards I want to make a deck for my plans. I don’t like copying other people’s decks and playstyles because I can’t come at you sideways that way. In the meantime, the decks I see over and over, just know I’m plotting and planning and asking myself how I can throw monkey wrenches in them.


Linux high-five! Welcome to Duelyst, the forums, and hopefully the Vanar family some day. :wink:


I’m not quite that lazy. Especially considering how often I try to change my quests more to my liking. Thanks for the tip though :slight_smile:

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