Deceptibot bug?

3 silvers in deck.
I killed malicious wisp(dispelled) and meltwater moose with deceptibot.

Any clues why I only got one silver?


It happened to me once, I’m thinking maybe the Deceptib0t spawning routine does not guarantee multiple procs will be successful. Code-wise, it could be that every spawn gets a “free” space assigned, but it could be that two of them get the same… and the second spawn would fizzle.

More tests would be needed.


that would be strange though. this is probably the first/second occurrence for me and I’ve been playing for months. I’ve always messed the spaces around deceptibot for best positioning too.

My guess is that it has something to do with deceptibot’s interaction with either

  • damaged minions(don’t see too much of that)
  • dispelled minions (don’t see much of that either, I don’t run dispel in silverbot)


okay this is getting super annoying. so it’s definitely not “dispelled” minions as seen in this replay.
decklist has 1 tooth and 1 silver

  • minions with changed stats?
  • damaged minions?
  • how I’ve edited my deck over and over?

man i really wanna know what’s wrong


Do you normally get the spawns and it just recently stopped? If this interaction works in other instances but not here there maybe other factors in play. We need more info before being able to guess at what’s up…


well the bug happened two games in a row. though i have been playing games where I intentionally summon only 1 mech in between. idk if it’s just a recent thing, so i’ll be playing more games to see why it happens.

I’ll be posting some more replays and hopefully we’ll be able to find the cause.


In my own observation of this bug, a damaged Buffed & Grow minion was involved too as far as I remember. I can’t post the replay link here because it bugs out completely before the blast sequence.


Okay, but have you seen it work as intended too or no? I’ve never tried the combo so I don’t know if it’s something that normally works right or not.


Yeah, of course I have. I even posted a rant/decklist thread about it not too long ago.
It was working 100% of the time before. Granted, I’ve been tweaking with the metaltooth-silver ratio and that’s a possible factor as well.

The decklist is so crude tho, I’ll post my new one if i get to diamond with it(or the season ends).


I reread the original thread and i found this interesting part where we were arguing about whether it summons multiple silvers or not.


I tested a bit more against AI Lilithe with Deceptib0t both blast and chakram, and apparently the interaction is unreliable as far as I can tell.

When destroying X vanilla Wraithlings, you get between 1 and X Mech spawns (provided your deck has them of course).

Edit: Tested in Sandbox mode with a Blast deck, so I could fully surround Deceptib0t and determine what happens when it doesn’t find enough free spots.
The deck has only 2 Mechs different from Deceptib0ts, that could be summoned by it. Deceptib0t fully surrounded by minions, with 2 ennemies in front. I kill 2 minions at once with Kinematic Projection, there is only 1 free spot. It only summons one Mech, and the deck card count only decreases by 1 card. Second blast just to make sure: The second summonable mech appears. So it really stayed in the deck, and was not spawned because there wasn’t a free spot available the first time.

TL;DR: Multikills from Deceptib0t can sometimes not yield the expected number of Mech spawns, because of possible collisions in the random spawn locations.
When this happens, the Mechs that could not be spawned stay in your deck.


Maybe we have to test one other case?

Same setup but 3 free spots and 2 minions to kill. That gives us good chances for a “real” overlapping spawn. Someone with better math skills can determine how many free spots and minions to kill result in the highest chance of a double spawn.


man, i’m still not getting a breakthrough on why this bug happens.


Same here. :frowning:
I really thought it was because the code would assign free spots stupidly, but today’s tests under network lag made painfully obvious that the sequence goes like kill-spawn-kill-spawn-kill-spawn in a way that didn’t / shouldn’t cause any mishap.

I can’t make sense of the cause of this bug.
But I now have tested enough to see that sometimes the Deceptib0t spawn is buggy.


Did anyone try the same with frenzy in Abyss or Mag? Just to be sure that the problem is in Deceptibot itself, not in its blast combo specifically…


iirc someone already has tested with frenzy and the bug happened. I’ve been experiencing the bug less and less now that I reverted back from 2 tooths (teeth? XD) from 1 tooth though. I’ll test again since this might just be confirmation bias


Yes, or coincidence. I’m glad that you seem to experience the bug less frequently, and thanks a lot for investigating this also! It could be anything really, maybe not under your control (server-side issues / overload).

I’m going to take a break from all these tests, I’m starting to associate Duelyst with chores and that’s not where I want to go without a paycheck.

Edit: I’m putting Metalteeth as the official plural of this card in the wiki. :slight_smile:


that’s alright :smiley: it has been more work than i expected so i do understand the sentiment as well.


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